Hello, I am Jean-Marc. Welcome! 

Scorpio here. You know how we are but do you know why?

Astrology is a way to know ourselves, which is wisdom.

Knowledge is power. Self knowledge is self mastery. However these are big words. We don’t have to be perfect. We can do little steps in the right direction….

Neptune- Poseidon: My favorite God, fishing in the Psychic Ocean...

I do readings and  offer online astrology lessons.


I write Astro Stories



I teach astrology. We take your chart, mine or charts of famous people and we take it from there…


An Astro Story is a unique piece of creative writing.

 The format is two letters addressed to the person to explain their birth horoscope.   It includes metaphors, fables or short stories to illustrate the analysis.

  It can be sent as a PDF Document or printed and sent by old fashioned mail. 

 I have a degree in psychology and 57 years of current life experience.  I am self taught in psychological astrology and karmic astrology.

The picture on the left is the God Neptune (o Poseidon). There is a tight conjunction between my natal Sun and the planet Neptune. I am a Scorpio sun, Cancer Rising with the Moon in Libra... and a strong Saturn in Capricorn to keep  grounded! 


 What's on offer:

(Prices in British Pounds)

                                                                                                                 One reading: Conversation over your birth chart.

Video or audio call. One hour. Can be recorded.


- Written analysis PDF document (7 or 8 pages about: structure of the chart, dominant energies, life challenges and strengths, karmic path) £92/$125

- Video call followed by written analysis: £109/$150


- Bespoke astrology teaching. Five one hour sessions    £120/$160

(One to one or small group of four people maximum)


  - Astro Story                                                                               £ 270

If you want to offer something very special to a loved one, with their consent, or to yourself, an Astro Story is the perfect gift. It is likely to trigger deep and meaningful conversation, and maybe the opportunity to say things you never said to each other before... 




 Payment by Paypal.









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