Hello there! 

I am Jean-Marc. I am a story teller and an astrologer.

The purpose of a reading is to understand the path you are walking on:

What are the particular challenges you've accepted to take on in this incarnation? What are your resources? What needs balancing and how? What kind of patterns are you likely to repeat and how to move on?  Why do you feel the way you feel? What areas of life are you called to thrive and be happy in?

Each problem can be solved or dissolved. Clarity helps dissolving and thinking of ways to solve things.

Karmic astrology gives amazing results. People often feel "understood from within". It sheds light on life problems in a surprisingly accurate fashion.

And once you know your chart, it becomes very interesting to compare it with your partner's to understand the particular assets and challenges of your relationship...                

Neptune- Poseidon: My favorite God, fishing in the Psychic Ocean...

Neptune- Poseidon: My favorite God, fishing in the Psychic Ocean...

 I especially recommend the format "Conversation over your birth chart" 

 You will get deep insights from a single conversation. However, there is more to ourselves than can be talked about in forty minutes.

 To go deeper, a series of three of five conversations will open many doors...


 I also write Astro Stories. This is a more artistic way of interpretation. If you're looking for an original gift for someone you love or yourself, this is what you want.

 An Astro Story is always a unique piece of writing. 

 It is a combination of standard analysis and creative writing. 

 The format is a letter addressed to the person.

  I include poems, fables or short stories to illustrate my explanations. 

  It can be sent to you as a PDF Document or printed and sent by old fashioned mail. 

  To know more...Read the testimonies! 





The Hermit Crab: a testimony.   

Astro Stories: What is it all about?




 What's on offer: 

       Free: Join the conversation on Astrological Banter on Facebook. 

 If you want more:

     - Instant Reading: What I see at first sight. 45 minutes conversation (video call) over your birth chart(s)  without preparation.                                                                                                                                                                                     £25

     - Prepared Reading: What I can tell after taking the time it takes to study your chart(s). 45 minutes conversation.                   £45


   -  Standard Analysis. Written Document                             £75

   - Astro Stories in writing or video recorded.                 £150


 The format of an Astro Story is a letter written to you on Google Doc or PDF Document or printed and sent by old fashioned mail. I focus on the karmic indicators and combine analysis and poems or metaphorical stories. Alternatively I can also video record it. 



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The following testimonies were intially posted on my Facebook Page: 



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Let me tell you another story now. The fool on the boat is dedicated to a friend of nine who has Sun in Pisces, North Node and Venus in Aquarius and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) ....Well let's just say there is a lot to do with community building and spirit of co operation...


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