Hello, I am Jean-Marc, I am an astrologer. Welcome on my website!


Astrology is healing.


Astrology is a tool for self knowledge. 

Self knowledge is wisdom.

What if my seventh house is empty?

Self knowledge is self love. (Can you love someone you don't know?) 

 Self love is healing.

Astrology shows how we fit into the great scheme of things.

Astrology gives us acceptance and clarity.

Clarity brings about simplicity

Simplicity is healing.



  Neptune- Poseidon: My favorite God, fishing in the Psychic Ocean...



Another thing I do is writing Astro Stories.  An Astro Story is a piece of creative writing.

 The format is a letter addressed to the person to explain their birth horoscope.   It includes metaphors, fables or short stories to illustrate the analysis.   It can be sent as a PDF Document or printed and sent by old fashioned mail. 


I have a degree in psychology.  I am self taught in psychological astrology and karmic astrology.

I was brought up in a Christian family and still inspired by the core message of Christ. I am also interested in Buddhism, Taoism, Western philosophy and by any enlightening piece of wisdom whatever the tradition it's found in...





 What's on offer:

 (Prices in British Pounds)

 - Free: 10 minutes of conversation over your birth chart.  Dominant energies and associated themes, karmic path.             

                                                                                                                      -Conversation over your chart by Video call. 45 minutes       £45                                                                                                              

- Package of three readings (can be shared)                            £90



 If money is a problem, there is a waiting list for readings on a voluntary donation basis. 

Use the contact form and I'll be back to you.                                              



   - Astro Story             

                                                                                              £ 190

If you want to offer something very special to a loved one,  offer an Astro Story! 

  The format is a letter written to the native, sent as a PDF Document or printed and sent by old fashioned mail, where I  combine analysis and poems or metaphorical stories.

 Payment by Paypal. Contact me. 



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Date of birth
As I am French I am used to read the day in the first case and the month in the second one. If the day of your birth can be confused with a month, please mention your date of birth in the message field. Thank you for your comprehension!
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Time of birth
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