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 What were the planets telling about you when you were born? 

 What's going on in your relationships? What are your assets, what are your challenges, what kind of patterns are at work in your life?

 The natal horoscope will give precious insights. It's also possible to do chart comparisons.

 Nothing is set in stone.  The more we understand the energies and patterns we were given at birth the more we become able to do the necessary adjustments and live more fulfilled lives.

 An astrology reading is also a meaningful interaction between you and me. A good conversation about essential topics with another human being is often just what we need to be able to move forward. 

 Consciousness and human interaction are the ultimate remedy.



Karmic astrology gives amazing results. It sheds light on life problems in a surprisingly accurate fashion. What we bring from past lives is familiar, and is often re enacted in childhood or family history...





Before comparing two charts, it is necessary to understand the two charts independently.  We need to know our own inner conflicts before meeting another person who might well be another world of inner conflicts! The more we understand and the more we are able to make peace, within ourselves and in our relationships...  

Neptune- Poseidon: My favorite God, fishing in the Psychic Ocean...


  An Astro Story is an artistic way to interpret a birth chart. It is a letter addressed personally to the person to explain their birth horoscope.

   An Astro Story includes metaphors, fables or short stories to illustrate the analysis.   It can be sent as a PDF Document or printed and sent by old fashioned mail. 



  To know more...Read the testimonies! 





 What's on offer: 

    - I do 10% of my readings on a voluntary donation basis. If you chose this option, you'll be a on waiting list and I'll contact you as soon as possible. Use the contact form below

  - Basic analysis. The broad lines. Video call. 20 minutes £25

                                                                                                            - In depth conversation over your chart. Video call. 45 minutes. Can be recorded.                                                     £45

  -Package of three conversations over your chart(s)             £90 (Can be shared) Recommended for chart comparisons. 


   -  In depth analysis. Written Document (I recommend conversation rather than written analysis though)                   £90


   - Astro Story             




 The format of an Astro Story is a letter written to you on Google Doc or PDF Document or printed and sent by old fashioned mail. I focus on the karmic indicators and combine analysis and poems or metaphorical stories. Alternatively I can also video record it. 


 Payment by Paypal. 



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