Hello, I am Jean-Marc, I am an astrologer, a writer and a story teller. Welcome on my website!

To  improve our lives, make peace with ourselves, attract or create what makes us happy, we need to understand ourselves with all our conscious and not that conscious energies and patterns. Awareness allows change... 

Socrates and many other sages have urged us to know ourselves. This is wisdom, and this is why astrology is so valuable! 


Sometimes people show me their chart and someone else's, and ask: Is this the right person for me?

 My answer always starts like this: Before comparing two charts, it is necessary to study them independently. A lot can be read in the natal horoscope about the kind of patterns and partners we are likely to attract to learn our life lessons...

Now, of course, comparing two charts helps understanding how the energy fields interact, what helps and what needs conscious attention...

  Neptune- Poseidon: My favorite God, fishing in the Psychic Ocean...




  The special thing I do is writing Astro Stories. 

 An Astro Story is a piece of creative writing. The format is a letter addressed to the person to explain their birth horoscope.

   It includes metaphors, fables or short stories to illustrate the analysis.   It can be sent as a PDF Document or printed and sent by old fashioned mail.

 My native language is French. I love writing in English though! Check out my blog Astrology for Beginners (click on the words) to get an idea of my style.

 I have a degree in psychology.  I am self taught in psychological astrology and karmic astrology. 





 What's on offer: 

- Basic analysis. Recorded with French accent.  (wma or mp3 file).  Two options:

 - £30 for one recording + £15 per extra recording to answer your questions

  ... or you decide how much you want to pay and you see what you get. As long as I am not too busy, that's a good deal. 

                                                                                                 Conversation over your chart by Video call. 40 minutes.     

 Can be recorded.                                                                  £45                                                            


  -Package of three conversations over your chart(s)             £90 (Can be shared) Recommended for chart comparisons or in depth work.  



   - Astro Story             

                                                                                              £ 190

If you wish to offer an Astro Story as a gift to someone you love, it's a great idea. However, I need their permission to study their chart. 



 The format of an Astro Story is a letter written to you on Google Doc or PDF Document or printed and sent by old fashioned mail. I focus on the karmic indicators and combine analysis and poems or metaphorical stories. Alternatively I can also video record it.  


 Payment by Paypal. 



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