Feedback from Speed Public Speaking event attendees:

I just wanted to let you know that I got the job. Thank you very much again for the great help with my interview preparation, I don’t think I would have made it without that! The interview practice with you made me a lot more confident and enabled me to stay calm and give clear and concise answers even when faced with very challenging questions.
— Michael L.
Excellent session with interesting people. Thanks to everyone’s feedback I felt I’ve made some improvement just from this one session.
— Arthur
Very interesting group of people and challenging enough to take you to the edge of your comfort zone.
— Boh
Another excellent session. It was a challenge to find ways to reduce down some complicated ideas in my head into those simple structures we were given - but so useful. I’ve surprised myself by how often I’ve used them since in general conversations and small group discussions. Thanks Jean-Marc!
— Pamela
This was my first event with the group and it was great! Good practical tips and we got to practice the techniques and got useful feedback. This is just the group I was looking for. I’ll be back.
— Sarah
I meant to tell you that the part of your presentation about developers being nervous at weekly meetings really hit home. I used to be so nervous even in daily stand-ups. At one of my previous jobs, because I was nervous, I let a junior iOS developer represent us during the stand-ups rather than do it myself as the senior iOS developer, which turned out to be a huge mistake because he ended up getting credit for all of my work! Anyway if you find that story useful you are free to use it, because I hope I am proof that even people who start out being very nervous about public speaking can get better at it.
— Joanna
Once again a very enjoyable and challenging evening. Although it was fun there was an element of hard work as well and we all rose to that and it was great to see people’s confidence grow not only during each session but building up week after week for those that have stuck with it.”
— Frank
Thank you very much for this fantastic session! A warm and encouraging atmosphere, yet challenging enough for everyone to make tangible progress. Well done, Jean-Marc!
— Michael
Another good session, we all got a chance to speak and some fun public speaking games to help things along, looking forward to the next meetup.
— Chris
When it came for my term to speak I warned the others that I was not well and not to expect miracles. My little speech was ok and then redid the speech as is usual for us and it was a little better than ok.
However I soon began to perk up as the others speeches were witty and made me laugh and before I knew it I had stayed the whole evening!
Now I’m not going to say that Speed Public Speaking meet ups will cure you of all sots of maladies but it just shows you what fun these meeteups are - so much fun that you forget to be sick!
So JM ta again for yet another great session and as always the great effort you put into these events is most appreciated.
— Frank