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Speed Public Speaking is an intensive though gentle and entertaining way of improving public speaking and communication skills and building up confidence. 

Usually we learn and laugh a lot.  We speak in front of the group on easy and entertaining topics. Attendees can decide what they want to talk about as well.

Then we work how to improve the delivery, body language, voice projection, stage presence etc..

t is intensive because in small groups, people have much more stage time than in bigger settings like Toastmasters.

It is gentle: I am very empathetic. You will be challenged just enough and not too much. You will definitely enlarge your comfort zone. 

The training is beneficial to beginners and experienced speakers as well. .

More specifically, we work on:

Engagement with audience (smiling, eye contact, making everyone feel good in your company as speaker...),

Energy on stage (body language, voice projection, rhythm, pace, poise, gravitas....)

Structure (less is more, sign posting, using two- fold or three- fold structures, the why. what and how, the pros and the cons, creating mind maps etc..).

Most exercises are very short impromptu speeches. Members also perform speeches from the prepared speeches manual.

Thus you get a complete and extensive training that will lead from the first steps of confidence building to becoming accomplished public speakers and communicators.



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Speed Public Speaking workshops

Imagine a small group, sitting in a semicircle. The atmosphere is casual. It's your turn to stand up in front of the group.  You've got 20 seconds to introduce yourself and say something about a suggested topic. You get plenty of positive feed back and one or two suggestions for improvement to practise immediately.

 Beginners can start at any event.

Speed Public Speaking is on Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Speed-Public-Speaking

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