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Build up confidence Cultivate Charisma

  • The Apple Tree 45 Mt Pleasant London, WC1X 0AE United Kingdom (map)

Confidence without arrogance is charisma

Being ourselves with simplicity is charisma

Charisma happens... when we unlock our uniqueness! 

Little step by little step, we build up confidence and let charisma happen. 


Although the themes for these sessions are always different, the basic format is always the same:

- Four or five opportunities to speak for a short time per evening (impromptu speaking on easy topics such as conversation starters)

- Positive feedback (from the group) to improve confidence by becoming more aware of existing strengths

- Suggestions for improvement/ideas of alternative ways to communicate, which can be immediately practised (suggested by me)

A session's theme reflects a particular aspect of public speaking which we'll pay more attention to; however they are not set in stone, as feedback is not something that can be planned before listening :-)

One slot per evening is available for a speaker interested in presenting a prepared speech from the manual. You earn discounts as you progress in this manual!