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Silence and Mayonnaise: A Feast of Speeches. Free event.

  • The Apple Tree 45 Mt Pleasant London, WC1X 0AE United Kingdom (map)

Why is this event called “Silence and Mayonnaise”?

One of the most memorable speeches I’ve ever heard is called “Silence,” by Talia Aljibade. You will hear it performed by Talia at this event, as I have invited her to be one of my featured guests for this event. In 6 or 7 minutes, she will make us forget that we are sitting on chairs. Instead, we will travel with her, visiting some of her childhood memories, hear of violence, fear, abuse... and wonder. Is silence always gold?

Mayonnaise. Another of my featured guests will be Kaveh Pourland. I do not yet know what he is going to talk about. What I do know for sure, is that he will entertain. And we will ask for more. Kaveh overcame a stammer to become the talented speaker and humorist he is now. We will learn about his struggles to say the word “Mayonnaise”. When he talks about his personal history, he makes us laugh like we are usually not allowed to laugh. Mayonnaise...

I don’t want to tell you about my other secret guests. Trust me, we are going to enjoy ourselves. We will be watching and listening with wide eyes and ears.

I am also a storyteller. I will tell you the secret of happiness, in love, out of love, and possibly in business.

This feast of speeches will rejoice our ears and our hearts. But we won’t just listen and leave. We will discus and continue to enjoy each others’ company afterwards...

Now, dear Speed Public Speaking Trainees, I hope you get the bug. I hope you come along regularly, use the manual, unleash your talent, and take to the stage to share, enchant, incite laughter, or stimulate ideas. Grabbing an audience’s attention and keeping it is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and it is useful: it helps us all to become more human. It enables us to communicate better, listen, understand each other, and express ourselves.