I am being a tree...

Dear unknown friend, 

S1040020 (2).JPG

Today I don't have much to say because  I am being a tree. 

I have roots. I pump water and stuff and that makes me feel alive. 

There are waves waving in the mental space but nothing worth hanging on to for too long... 
I am being quiet.

There are a few things that feel a bit tense and knotted inside but that's OK, I am not going to attack my inner tensions with an axe, I'm too lazy. 

If we accepted the fact that this planet is a cosmic psychiatric hospital, along with the fact that we are not here as doctors, we would already feel better. 

Now, even if we hallucinate that we are the doctors, that's OK, it's just a symptom. Nothing to worry about. If we want a reality check, are we able to get out? The doctors can go in and out at will, they've got the keys. Can we? 

arvarzatin 043.JPG

 Are we able to get out of the vicious circles of anxieties, desires, fears, misunderstandings, mental blocks, worries, anger, spaghetti?  Can we escape and fly? 


Sometimes, I do get out. 
Sometimes, I am a tree. 

I wish you stillness in the middle of your madness my friend...