Hold the power!

Dear unknown friend, 

Imagine an angel comes to you and asks: "Can you hold this for me , I'll be back as soon as possible"

Before you've got time to even think, you find yourself with the object in your hands and the angel is off. 


It's a sword. It's a magical thing . You know intuitively that with such immense power in your hands, you can create wonders, heal diseases and open ways of light into the darkness, but you can also cause immense suffering if you are only awkward, or driven by anger, fear or resentment... 

 You know that you are often awkward. Your friends and family know that it's better not to ask you to carry a tray loaded with crystal glasses to the next room. You also know that in spite of all the love in your heart, sometimes you feel very pissed off by things other people say or do and that you have a tendency to be resentful. 

Now you've this powerful magical sword in your hands. Just think of someone with anger and they'll be cut into pieces. Just curse the stupidity of the human species and you'll unleash storms and earthquakes onto them. You've also the power to heal, save, bless if you are in good mood. But your moods have never been very stable...

So you just freeze. You swallow the sword. You didn't know you knew how to swallow swords, but you just did. It's inside you now. You can't use it. However, the magic is not off. By its power, the sword attracts to you storms and earthquakes, angry and resentful people, and sometimes healing and love... Whatever happens just happens, it's all out of your control. 


Without thinking of it, instinctively, you've made a pact with the sword. You won't be able to take it out and use its power before being the master in your own house, by this I mean the master over your own moods. This proves that your heart is good. You could have chosen another path, a psychopath, and you didn't. That's really great.

At that moment, the angel comes back and gives you a choice. You can keep the sword or give it back. If you keep it, you're up for difficult times before you reach mastery - if you ever do.  

 If you give it back, you can have a nice life, but you won't have the power to create wonder, heal diseases and open ways of light for beings stranded in the dark zones... 


 You chose to keep it. You burnt the bridge back to safety. 

 Now you've got to find the root of evil within yourself, and see if you can take it out. Spiritual masters from many traditions have said it was possible. Socrates said that the root of all evil is ignorance, and Buddha said it was illusion. All we need is clarity.