Calm down, it's just a game!

Dear unknown friend, 

How is life treating you? Well, I hope. Bite it, eat it, enjoy it as much as you can! .... Can you? It's not always easy to love life. Sometimes it is, though...

Life is a game. By this,  I don't mean that all the suffering doesn't really matter. It does, it really does.

 What I mean is that we are like players sitting at a table over a board game. There are rules. 

 Our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, everything that happens in the game is subjected to the rules. We all have freely consented to be subjected to these rules, because without rules, there is no game at all. 

 We have just forgotten that we are players playing a game. We really believe that we are the little characters interacting with other little characters on this board we call world. The more we win the more we enjoy this game. The more we lose the more distressed we become and the closer to remembering who we really are. 

In order to solve a problem, heal a heartbreak or a disease, find food, unlock some apparently unlockable conflict, we need to disengage, remember who we really are. When we do that, we become "dreamers".

It's sometimes very difficult to get there. On the board, spontaneously, the more we suffer the more we react to suffering with defense mechanisms.  We take refuge in our heads, we overthink, we drink, we eat, we find all kinds of ways to relieve temporarily the suffering, we blame, we take it onto others...

But, it's a rule of the game, if we are able to calm down in the middle of our own suffering, even for a short moment... we may be able to access a different "state of consciousness", a level where we remember the rules of the game, see the chains of causes and consequences, and how to change the course of events... 

There is a little story which is about precisely this. Stories tell the rules of the game, they are much more than entertainment for children! 

An elephant is crossing a river. Just in the middle of the river he loses an eye. The eye falls at the bottom of the river. The elephant panicks, shouting and stamping around. "My eye! Where is my eye! I can't see my eye!" As a result, the water gets troubled. Clouds of stilt obscure it. All the animals who witnessed what happened, gathered on the banks, shout at the elephant: 
 "Calm down! Calm down!" 

But the elephant keep being like: 

"My eye! My eye! I can't see my eye!" 


Until, eventually, he gets tired, so tired that he hears the animals and calms down. He stops moving. The water slowly clears up. With his other eye the elephant sees his eye laying between two rocks at the bottom of the river. He picks it up, put it back into place, and crosses the river.... 

That's where we are my dear friend. We are players who have forgotten we are playing a game, we are in pain and we keep troubling the waters because of our pains, and we have even forgotten the rule that says that when we calm down, we can save ourselves. 

 See you in the world of dreams!