Beer or meditation?

Dear unknown friend, 


I wish you're feeling well with a lovely smile on your lips. Thank you for being there..

A little while ago I sat to take two or three conscious breaths. It's a way I have to trick myself into a bit of discipline: It say to myself: "just two or three breaths, and then I can go for a beer or waste some time on social media if I feel like it"

I did my short breathing exercise, and then, I gave inadvertantly a little thought to Source - the great loving, kind and discreet presence who is around in the air and within my body-  

I asked something I usually don't: "Is there anything I can do for you?" 

 Normally I don't ask  because I am scared of the answer I could get. 

The first thought that crossed my mind was: "Keep writing these letters to an unknown friend".

 Did the Great Spirit pulled a string in my mind to make me think that thought at that moment, or was it just my mind pulling up its own strings? Never mind, I quite liked the answer! 

I  looked at the pile of drafts already made  "Yes, writing is something I can do, that's great" I was about to get back to the question of beer or social media, when another thought came up: "Do it now!" 

This was a bit annoying. I had done my three breaths at a time of a day when I usually don't do disciplined things, I wanted to go, but then I had just asked the Great Spirit if there was something I could do... so OK. I renounced to immediate beer or media. 

rose (2).jpg

 I foraged for paper and pen, grabbed the wooden board my father gave me a long time ago, and here we are, I am telling you everything, my smiling friend, about how you can trick yourself into making little step after little step towards achieving something worth doing in your life, even if you are as lazy as you can be when your hopes, your confidence, your love of being yourself and all these sort of things have been crushed, poisoned, sabotaged and you would rather shrink, curl up, drink or do anything to distract yourself from the feeling of extreme-absence-of-marvelous-lover-healing-all-your-pains in your life. 

 Because, after all, it's there... 

Take care.