Breathing is Medicine

Dear unknown friend, 

 Breathing consciously is medicine. You certainly know that already. We always need reminders of the simple and essential things we already know... 

 I don't know how you feel about it, but to me, breathing consciously felt just very boring for many years...

 When the head is full of thoughts that are running like mad coyotes in a crazy cartoon, it's simply not possible to keep the mind fixed on something as unexciting as the breath for more than three seconds. 

 I've found a trick around that. Every now and then I start breathing consciously and after a few seconds, I quickly stop before I get bored. It's important to stop whilst it's still a pleasure. 

If only one conscious breath is not a pleasure, there is something wrong in the focus. Our body loves breathing. It means being alive!

Breathing consciously is first and foremost being aware of this love, and keep it in mind, if only for the time of one breath. 

arvarzatin 043.JPG

 Maybe you'll think that this is a ridiculously small exercise... however...

Does an acorn look ridiculously small compared to an oak tree? 

 I have read somewhere that the Dalai Lama meditates for four hours every morning. Four hours! That's impressive! But we are not the Dalai Lama. What matters is our acorn, not his oak tree. 

  Even when life feels very heavy, it's always possible to do a very small effort for a very short time, two or three times per day. ..


 We should breath not merely consciously, but  sensually.  Breathing happens in the body, it's not all in the mind! It's sensual. It's supposed to feel good! 

 Breathing is a self massage. It is a way to love ourselves. It's more convincing than looking in the mirror and tell our reflection: "I love you!" with such a solemn voice that the reflection bursts out laughing!

 I used to smoke before I stopped. Have you observed smokers? They are sensual breathers. They need a cigarette as a socially accepted excuse to enjoy breathing... 

 Why not smoking air cigarettes then? People would think it looks weird, but freedom always looks weird in the eye of the conditioned mind... 

 When conscious breathing doesn't feel as good as we would like it to, it may be because some pain that was stored in the body takes advantage that consciousness is around to show up. 


 This pain needs the breathing to feel better... 
 Breathing through pain is good snake medicine. The automatic mind will be tempted to make some noise to cover the pain and forget the medicine in the process..

 We can hold it, if only for one conscious breath every so often... 

 Sometimes snakes have feathers by the way, and they can fly! 

I wish you freedom.