Observe, Ask, Comment


A quick communication tip: Observe - Comment - Ask. 

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When I was younger than today, I hated making small talk. I thought staying silent was better than engaging in meaningless exchanges. That's typical of introverts! However, intense and meaningful conversations do not happen out of the blue. Small talk, dear fellow introverts, is a good way to start. Small talk, dear fellow extroverts, is only a mean to an end. Don't keep it going forever. (just teasing!)

To engage with a person or with an audience, use the OCA technique: Observe. Comment. Ask.
 Observe: There must be something noticeable in the surroundings or about the person. 
Comment. The setting of the room, how the person(s) you're talking to are nicely dressed, even the design of the wallpaper that you may like or not can provide you with something to say. Liking is such a good way to connect that it's the most commonly used button on social media. Use it in real life as well, it's even better. 
 Ask. And you, do you like this color? Does it make you think of something? 
As simplistic as it may seam, remembering OCA when not knowing what to say next really helps. 



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