The great flow of abundance is just a few skills away!

  Dear reader, 

The great flow of abundance is just a few skills away...

You must know the expression: "You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink"
We are often like the horse who does not know how to drink. Water is all around though... Why are so many of us stuck when others naturally move forward and thrive? One answer is: we suffer from poor communication skills...   
 When we were small children, we believed that people who listened to our words understood exactly what was on our mind. As adults, we are not as naive as small children, nevertheless we are often unaware of the effect we produce on others. Many misunderstandings follow, and with them blame, arguments or merely the end of further interaction. So many opportunities are missed! Job opportunities, romantic opportunities, business opportunities, friendships and reconciliations could happen if we knew how to communicate more efficiently! 
 Almost nobody can read our mind. Almost everybody believes their first impression. A good person with poor communication skills will come across as undesirable...  
 According to behavioural communication theory, there are five main styles of communication, which are
The assertive style is the efficient one. It is simple and clear. Being authentically assertive makes others feel good: we express trust and respect. We value ourselves and others equally. Nothing blocks the flow. Our words and body language keep demonstrating that everything is OK.... and people feel that everything is OK with us!
However, as we all have our share of issues, we unconsciously adopt other communication styles, as the result of psychological defense mechanisms which we keep acting out even when they are no longer necessary...
  In Organic Speaking sessions we train to communicate and behave assertively. 

 This is a vital skill. Let me use another metaphor: individuals are cells living in a great body called "society" Being able to communicate efficiently means that, as a cell in the organism we have access to everything the blood carries around, and we are also useful as each cell contributes to the blood stream... 

 All we need is to communicate more efficiently to become able to enjoy the abundant flow of... whatever we may need in this life,, and even more... 

 Let me invite you to train with me our communication skills by attending the next Organic Speaking Workshops in Willesden Green. They are announced on various platforms, including Kweekweek: and Meetup  - You can also visit the relevant page on this website. to know more about  

 Speak soon then! 


 Jean-Marc Pierson