Delivery trumps Content!

Delivery trumps Content! 

Hello everyone

Let me share this video with you, it illustrates perfectly the number one principle I teach in Organic Speaking sessions: Delivery trumps Content. 

 It doesn't mean that your content - that is, what you actually want to say  - is not important. Of course it is! The issue is: it's the way we deliver our precious content that makes a powerful impact... or not. 

If you are interested in neuroscience, you may have heard of "mirror neurons". Thanks to these, we feel pain when we see a friend cutting their finger inadvertently when peeling vegetables, we feel happy when others are happy, and we adjust our emotional states to a speaker or story teller's emotional expression.

  That's why a big chunk of the work we do in Organic Speaking Sessions is to build up our confidence so as to lead at emotional level. Once we are able to express enthusiasm rather than fear of rejection, we win!
 Beyond this emotional level, we still need to be clear, to structure our speech properly and find good examples of course. But if there was only one thing to learn, it would be this one.

 Enjoy the video, and join us this Sunday 11th of September, 7pm (please be on time) to 9.15pm for a session entitled: "Woah it's amazing!" 
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