New Gems!

Organic Speaking is becoming more "niche" than before. 

The "ideal member" is not only determined to become more assertive in social settings and to improve their public speaking skills, but spirituality is part of their lifestyle.

 Of course, if you are not the "ideal customer" as business people would say in their jargon, you are still very welcome to attend Organic Speaking sessions, as long as you don't mind themes like "Let your light shine" or "Be your authentic self"

 A part from this evolution in style, the content of Organic Speaking sessions will remain the same, and the benefits as prodigious as usual. (I've got to be assertive and confident as well when I am talking about what I am doing!) 

 From a "communication tip" point of view, remember that it is better to be spot on for certain people and not relevant to others than to try to please everybody.... and remain boringly neutral. 

 Other strong points of Organic Speaking sessions are:
 - in a session, you get on stage four of five times. "Less talk, more speaking" is the motto! 
  -You get plenty of compliments about your existing qualities and a few gentle suggestions for improvement
  - You practice the suggestions for improvement immediately.


 I am creating another group: Gems. It's a Mixed Vibes Story Telling Club, and it is designed to offer opportunities to stand up and speak in front of an audience.
Healing Stories (Real life stories, anecdotes, poems, traditional stories.....) is the theme of the first meeting. Join this new meetup here:

As for the next sessions... This Sunday and next Sunday, 7pm in Willesden Green, as usual!  
Find them on Kweekweek: 
Or Find them on Meetup: 
 All the best! 

You can also find me on YouTube telling stories. Here is the one I told for Halloween: Satan's child.  

Speak soon! 

Jean-Marc Pierson