A key for efficient communications

  Dear Fellow Human Beings! 

   Flicking through Twitter I came across an article: "Thirty questions to ask your kid instead of how was your day"

  I loved it, and re-tweeted, with this comment:

  “Fabulous content, which I will use to explain to trainee public speakers the paramount importance of being specific” 

 The article starts with  a parent and a kid. The parent asks: “how was your day?” The kid answers: “Fine”...  

  Immediately I couldn't help remembering the same verbal exchange between many a speaker and their audience. The speaker says "Hello! My name is Jean! How was your day?” ....and people  say “Fine....”  We could dream of better engagement! 

 There are much more efficient questions that can be used to strike an exchange, be it with a kid, with an audience....or with people in general.

 Being specific is a key for successful communications. Here is a goldmine of specific examples:  The questions in this article can easily be tweaked to become conversation starters in social settings, or ice breakers for public speakers...  Here is the link :http://parent.co/30-questions-to-ask-your-kid-instead-of-how-was-your-day/

 I hope you enjoy! 

Jean-Marc Pierson ( @orfray )