Sometimes, failing is good

An effective learning process has two components: success and failure. If we only fail, we learn nothing! When we succeed after a failure, we build up our confidence and learn what works.

Similarly, if we only succeed, we again learn nothing. We may keep doing what we do well, we might even do it better than usual, but do not learn anything new. 

When we train, we might strive for a balance of 50 percent success and 50 percent failure. Or, we might prefer 75 percent success and 25 percent failure, because we need to recover from the rest of life’s challenges!  However, let’s keep at least 25 percent failure. This is valuable for growth. Making mistakes or failing means we are taking risks, experimenting new things, learning...

Sometimes we end up on a high after a Speed Public Speaking session: after having made a good impression, engaged the audience, made people laugh, moved them to tears, or convinced them of an important message. And sometimes the exercises can be more challenging: sometimes we err trying to succeed in our speech giving. When this happens, it might be a bit daunting, but we know that we are learning a lot along the way. 

After such moments, if feels good to come back to what we do well. But it feel even better when we suddenly catch ourselves being better than we used to be! Failing might be sometimes good, success remains the ultimate goal!