Speaking is music

 Do you happen to listen to people talking without paying attention to what they are actually saying, but to the sound of their voice instead? If you don’t want to be rude, try the experience listening to the radio, or watching a movie, or even eavesdropping in a public place. Or maybe listen to me on that video, paying attention only to the timber of my voice, the pace (or rhythm) of the speech and the melody of my sentences.

  Make pauses! A one minute speaking tip

 Do you really need more explanations? When you speak, avoid hums and ahs and other filler words. Silences (or pauses) are part of the music. Don’t waste them. Don’t ruin the rhythm with hesitations. You are better repeat twice or three times the same thing, if it flows, it’s enjoyable and if it’s enjoyable, your words will have impact.
Be aware that the music of your words is how your content will sound in your audiences’ minds...
Let’s come back to earth now. I have created a new meet up group to announce the Speed Public Speaking Sessions I’ll organize in Willesden Green (NW10, zone 2) A session is planned this Thursday from 7pm. More info : http://www.meetup.com/Speed-Public-Speaking-in-Willesden-Green/ 

Thank you for your most valued attention! 
 Speak soon

Jean-Marc Pierson