Electric Metaphor for Speaking

Dear known and unknown friends! 


In this time of garlands, I would like to use a basic electrical law as a metaphor for public speaking and communication. 


This law  is:  Intensity = Voltage divided by Resistance (I = V/R for the scientifically minded) 


Maybe you have learned this at school, and maybe you still remember. Maybe not. Don't worry, it's quite simple. 


Intensity: if we talk about an electric current, intensity measures "how big" the current is. In communication, intensity is about how strong the exchange between you and your audience or between you and the persons you're speaking with is. Intensity is what we want.


 What do we want? We want intensity! When do we want it? From the beginning to the end of the speech!! 


 Voltage measures the strength of a battery or the  power you get from the socket. This is not a scientific definition, but it works as a metaphor. When you communicate, you are more or less "charged", more or less strong, more of less full of energy. 


 And there is the Resistance. The word speaks by itself. If we are talking electricity ,a big cable will allow the electric current to flow effortlessly. Therefore, intensity will be high without needing much power. Sometimes it's the opposite... 

 In public speaking, sometimes you come across an audience of lovely good listeners who are very interested in your subject and love you even before you start. You won't meet much resistance. Intensity will happen. You won't need a lot of power to make it work. 


 In other cases, the cable may not be very big or it can be made with a material that is not very conductive. For an electric current, passing through these cables will be a struggle so to speak. A lot of power will be necessary to make it happen... 

 Sometimes, as a speaker or communicator, you will have to win your audience over before they accept you. Sometimes they don't like your metaphors. Sometimes they don't like you straight away... Who knows why? Maybe they are just tired, maybe you don't look like them, maybe the subject is not their cup of tea.....

 Another day, you will try again...  and you will wonder how come you were struggling last time as you will be doing well effortlessly again! 

 Life is a little bit unpredictable...


 I have written this to tell you three things: 


 - Don't be overly proud when it works very well. Maybe you were lucky, there was little resistance and intensity happened. You better be grateful than proud. Just be happy! 

 - Don't be overly daunted when it doesn't work as well as you expected. Maybe you were well prepared and powerful.... but sometimes there is a lot of resistance, for many possible reasons. Don't worry, it happens to everyone. Keep happy and carry on! 

 - And the third thing: metaphors are amazing. I love them, don't you? 


 I wish to see you in 2016. 

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 And it will be a very Happy New Year! 

Jean-Marc Pierson

Raconteur, Gardener,Philosopher