Lesson by a Dreaming Carpet

Dear speed speakers

Video blogging – or vlogging- is public speaking in its own right. We live in the screen age! Everyone can easily record themselves with a smart phone or a web cam and post on social media...
Whether appearing on peoples’ screens is your goal or not, it is possible to learn a lot thanks to all these online speakers beckoning for our attention. Let me introduce you to a young women who vlogs on Youtube. Her screen name is Dreaming Carpet. I found this video especially inspiring, not only for the choice of topic which is kindness. Kindness is an inexhaustible subject and every aspiring speaker should make at least one speech about it. 


Look at how she makes eye contact. She knows to look right at the lens of the camera, knowing we are just behind.
The balance between showing herselfin her own world (when she looks somewhere else, obviously searching her own mind or possibly having a look at her notes) and engaging with us, invisible audience sitting just behind the lens of the camera, is perfect.

Watch her eyebrows. She certainly doesn’t think “Oh I should use my eyebrows to be more expressive” What she shows us is that she doesn’t hold back her intention and her feelings. Her intention is to reach out to us and her body language and facial expressions simply translate this clear intention. She dares to project herself towards us.

She even smiles and speaks at the same time! How could we get bored when feelings and words are so intertwined ?

Second 45, she says “It’s just been on my mind lately” Listen and watch how she stresses the words “been” and “mind”. This is what I often ask you to do to emphasize your point. Try now: say it in a flat way... and say it as she does...

When she talks about mood, at one minute 24... to get you, I mean you when you are attending a speed public speaking session, to be as expressive, I have to insist and insist and ask you to become a clown.

When you dare to break your habits and try clowning, you don’t become a clown. You become expressive. She doesn’t look like a clown at all. That’s just how you feel inside when you become expressive without being used to being ....

The “aaaahhh” onomatopoeia to express a feeling (one minute 33) : same point. It’s just about daring to be simple and natural. It works beautifully.

I could make many more comments about many aspects of her speech, how she brings the situation to life, how she shows empathy, how she speaks about one point and only one, with consistency, how the emotions builds up as she goes on...

If I had a suggestion for improvement to give her (she didn’t ask for it, so this is not for her but for you) it would be to tell a specific anecdote with words like “For instance, yesterday, a guy, in his forties, wearing a suit and big glasses... the way he put the books on the counter without a word or the briefest eye contact made me feel so ignored...”

Other than that, I won’t comment any further. I suggest you just observe and listen. How would you do it?

I am looking forward to your speeches (or videos) about kindness

Speed Public Speaking sessions will run until the end of November. We take a break in December, it’s too crazy a month to keep going! A last thing I would like to tell you: heaven is at the end of the road. The more you train, the more you improve, and the more you master the skills, the more it is bliss. Believe me and persevere!
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All the best