Surprise your audience !

How to surprise in very easy ways? Let me give you an example. Usually, everyone starts with words such as: 

 "Hello! I am Jean-Marc...... " 

 To create a surprise, I could change the order of the words. "Jean-Marc!...... is my name. Hello !" 

 Or " I am going to talk about communication. Hello, I am Jean-Marc by the way. Communication is key to your success. To illustrate this point..etc etc....." 

    The point is that creating little surprises, breaking the habits, does not require great inspiration. It's always possible to trigger attention by breaking the usual patterns. 

 When you do that, you prove that you are a living human being rather than a robot, which is always appreciated. 

 You could start with "In conclusion, communication is the key to success in any field. Ah, but this was yesterday's speech conclusion. Today, it will take it from there!" 

 Anything that surprises without being too weird - watch the fine line! -  kills boredom and give birth to renewed interest from your audience.