Get rid of filler words

It’s generally more efficient to cultivate a quality than to fight a flaw 

 If you have a tendency to use filler words, such as :" you know", "you see what I mean", "ok", "right!", "so" or to emit sounds like "huh".... don’t fight the habit. Just be aware of it...

 Start introducing voluntary pauses when you speak. You can count mentally and slowly "one two three" and relax during these three seconds.

Let’s experiment right now, with this sentence:  

 “I am now going to tell you (blank...) why it is so important (blank...) to make pauses as you go along. (Blank...) Nobody is going to start talking (blank) if you leave some moments of silence (blank) during your speech. (Blank)”

 The more you’ll feel comfortable inserting silences when you speak, the fewer filler words you will use.  

 It is as  simple as that !