A question of context


 If the background of a picture is blue, a blue- green figure will appear rather green. If the background is green, the same blue- green figure will appear blue as in the picture below:


This reality can be used as a metaphor.

 Let’s say that blue and green stand for different mindsets. If my mindset is blue, when I think green I might well produce a message or a behaviour that will appear green to me. I will express it, but if the receiver’s mindset is green, my message will be understood as blue.

 Sometimes, I like to provoke. What I mean by this it that I try to provoke conversations, exchanges, points of view.... in a constructive way. I believe I am a peaceful man willing to have meaningful exchanges. Sometimes, I have had feedback comparing me to a barking dog. Oh my God! Am I a barking dog? Or was the person so delicate, so oversensitive that my friendly approach was perceived as aggression?

 Here is another example:


 I have recorded a one minute video, to give a public speaking tip. I believed I had made my point very clear. I had returns such as “This is what happens when you mix alcohol with medication”. This is why it is important to say a few words about the context, for people who don’t know your background and may have a different mindset when they receive a message.


 Here is my background:  I am a performing artist, a storyteller and almost a comedian. I am an entertainer;  when I speak people often laugh and it’s good. When I have a serious point to make, I might well illustrate it with a funny story. Sometimes I make the point so big that you can’t miss it, as if you had a magnifying glass to look at it.  When I want to show (rather than explain) that “Delivery trumps content”, I show it, with enough exaggeration to make it very clear.

 Yes I am a bit of a clown.


 You can watch the video now...