Get a more powerful voice

This exercise will help you get a more powerful voice.

For a start, practise secretly in your bathroom, in front of the mirror. Open your mouth and look inside. At the back of the mouth, hanging from the top is the uvula. It looks like this: 

 If you open your mouth wider and yawn you can widen the passage to the trachea and the uvula will go up 

 Practise controlling the movement of getting the uvula up or down. The palate, or top of the mouth, is hard toward the front and soft toward the back, so you can stretch the soft part upwards while flattening the tongue and opening the mouth wide.

  If you can yawn voluntarily you will do the movement naturally. You can also emit wailing sounds as if yawning.

 Don’t try too hard, don’t force anything. Just explore.

 When you were a little baby you were able to shout with incredible power without damaging your vocal cords! With awareness anyone can retrieve their innate abilities.

 Yawning or wailing in a yawning fashion, be louder and louder. When the passage is wide open, it’s easy.

Now, try the contrast: with your mouth hardly open, make a sound, for instance “Aahhh” Does that sound powerful or powerless? Now open wide again. "Aaahhh..." How does that sound?

 Once you’re able to open the passage more, you can do it while talking, articulating your words with clarity. Keep your throat relaxed at all times.

In some cases, some emotional issues might have found their nest in this part of your body. Sometimes we say “It stuck in my throat!

 As long as you don’t force anything, you can’t hurt yourself. Take it easy, a lot of unused power is at hand!