Flavor of the eleventh house

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Imagine... you have four bags full of treats. In the first bag, about 75% of the treats are red, so naturally, you call this bag the Red Bag. Sometimes you pick a yellow, a blue or a green treat from the Red Bag, and it feels weird but never mind, you love your treats so much, you gulp them down as quickly as a dog. Maybe you are a dog actually. I don't know who may read, I'm just the writer.

Same thing with the other bags: the yellow, the blue and the green ones all contain a majority of treats of the “right” colour and a few others. Never mind, you love them, you gulp them down at the speed of light.

Now, as it happens, you've embarked on a spiritual journey. You practice mindfulness. You get into the habit of munching your treats. As your spiritual awareness deepens you become increasingly aware of the tastes.

One day you have an epiphany: all the treats in the red bag are salty. All the treats in the yellow bag are slightly acidic. All the treats in the green bag are a little bit bitter and all the treats from the blue bag are sugary. They are all delicious in their own way.

Now you know what every single treat belonging to a particular bag has in common with all the others. You can make predictions with hundred per cent success.

Of course you are not a dog, neither am I, but sometimes our minds are hungry dogs. We gulp down information without munching and we forget to taste the flavor of reality.

Our bags of treats are not four but twelve, they are the houses of the horoscope. We know by heart lists of colourful key words but we're never quite sure which ones will apply …

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This little metaphor is itself a treat - It was one for me when it decided to cross my head, I hope it was one for you as well!

It is a bitter sweet treat actually, by this i mean it may well be found in two bags. I started to write it as an introduction to the 11th house, and here I am thinking that it actually belongs in the 9th, Jupiter’s house.

With Jupiter, we're working on our worldview. We're seeking for the truth. What are these bags really about? How should we think about them in order to be able to talk accurately about reality?

However Jupiter is Uranus’ Grandson. They have common features. The eleventh house, naturally ruled by Grandpa, is an Air house. Air symbolises the mental plane, along with the social dimension of life. Houses can overlap…

When a Truth Seeker finds the Truth they stop being a Truth Seeker. When he or she becomes enlightened... it's not Sagittarius anymore, it's Aquarius. insight! Breakthrough! Eureka! Vision! Eleventh House!

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Anyway. Let' breathe for a few seconds.





. . .

...Let's now pick a few treats from the 11th house...

Traditionally, the 11th is the house of friends. Some friendships are love stories without the sex part, and without the tight commitment which means that you have to call to warn that you are going to come home a bit later than usual when it happens (and it shouldn’t happen too often)

With friends, you can let time pass by without giving news, reappear when you do and all is fine. You're free. You’re welcome. You can breathe.

Friendship is simple. You talk about love. Love is complicated. Talking about it with a friend is simple. You talk about all your hopes and wishes ("Hopes and wishes" is another traditional meanings of the 11th house)

The most complex kinds of hopes and wishes are called "Ideologies". They always involve the vision of a bright future for a humanity freed of its chains .

Ideologies may be born from the realisation that personal hopes and wishes, which are always about thriving, living free and love, can't happen in any context. Society must be a favourable environment... Therefore Revolution is needed! (It’s good to put the world to rights with friends)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has”

- Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist, Sun conjunct Uranus and Mercury in Sagittarius and the eleventh house, Moon and Venus in Aquarius.

The eleventh is also the house of groups.

A group can be a choir, a football club, a political party, a charity, a public speaking club, a gathering of witches, a gang, a co operative, a language exchange club, a congregation, the scientific community... (the largest groups are called society and "the human species")

You can sing in a choir without being personally involved with everyone. New people join, others leave. After a few years, it's still the same choir, but mostly other people. You're just a cell in an organism. We are individual units belonging to something greater… a choir, a party, a culture, a species, a universe….

Molecules of water are magnets. They stick to each other. Molecules in crystals (Earth element) are solidly tied up to one another, they can't move at all. With the Air element, there is so much space...

If you miss closeness, remember: with more distance, there is less pressure. You can be whoever you want to be

If you start focusing your energy to actually make a dream come true, if you get romantically involved with someone in particular, if you leave the realm of infinite freedom and potentials to make something particular happen... you leave the eleventh house. The fifth house is just across the road.


Similarly, at the level of the mind, you don't keep attached to old thinking habits. Your mother will keep calling the red bag "Red bag" and the yellow bag "Yellow bag" until her last day. - but not you, eleventh house dweller.

In your head, ideas are like friends: they don't have to be always tied up together. Codes, customs, traditions, habits, conventions don't have to apply all the time. A thinking pattern is somehow built with mental Lego bricks. Most people don't dare breaking them and making new ones. In the eleventh you’re at the right place to do just that.

When I was a boy, one day I dipped grapes in mustard. I liked grapes and I liked mustard so I wondered whether I would like grapes with mustard. I was immediately told to stop by a parent who couldn't bear the idea of not doing things the way they should be done.

Vade Retro Saturnas! I want to experiment grape s with mustard!

It's always possible to break down mental elements and recombine them. That's what thinkers and inventors do. Nothing is heavy in here. You don't need bulldozers to change a plan. You can put wings on horses and caterpillars on unicorns. You can think that maybe the earth is round when everyone swears it's flat. You can design new technologies.

The mental plane, the immensity of the sky, friends, groups, hopes and wishes, ideologies, utopias, progress, individuality, communities, the universe within and without... Flavors of the eleventh house...