Death in the eighth house


The eighth house is full of scary monsters: death, sex, power, ghosts and rivers of money...

Once you've been sucked into this house, only one thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same.

How could it be? It's the house of transformation...

An archetypal expression of the eighth house is puberty. Do you remember? You were a child. If you were a girl you were not especially interested in boys, if you were a boy, girls were not your cup of tea.

You hadn’t hair where I’m thinking. You didn't have breasts or periods… if you were a boy your voice was still high pitched.. You body was a child’s body.

You had various interests, you were quite spontaneous, you didn't mind being silly at the odd moment (or even all the time)

…And suddenly, as suddenly as Hades opening the earth under Persephone’s feet, the hormones shouted: "Game over!"


Maybe it was not as sudden as I, male, Scorpio with the eighth house in Aquarius claims it to be. It could have happened more gradually... but inexorably anyway.

One day, you would look at a picture of you a few years before and you would think: "this was me..."

It felt weird.

Did you feel regret? Did you realise that you were facing your own death as you looked at this child who was no more? When did you realise that life was not forever for the first time?

In the meantime, you were so excited and scared. You were experimenting your powers of attraction and seduction!

What was your place in the new game? Where you ranking high? Where you appreciated, followed, sought after? Did you dare showing off your brand new me? Did you feel better off dressing up as a flower and disappear in the wallpaper?

This was a very ruthless game for sure. Not everyone was valued equally. Sexual attractiveness knows no political correctness. Cruelty happens. You could win one day and be dumped the next. Shakespeare was everywhere...


Do you remember? Or has the teenager you were been buried next to the child in the depth of your forgotten memories?

You will die as well. Each time you put a foot or a finger in the eighth house, something dies. Something new comes up. Death is not the end of life you know! The feelings are intense and the uncertainty certain. Sometimes it is wonderful like a new love disturbing all the plans and the daily routines. Sometimes you get rivers of tears going down the drain. Nothing can ever be the same after passing through the house of transformation…

The "eighth house pattern" applies to all the in-between times.

This is not an everyday house like the sixth. You don't wake up every morning with some eighth house business to go about. We die a little bit every day, but we don't notice all the time. It's an underground program.

Another typical case of eight house activity is… what happens just after the seventh house.

You found a partner. This one looks like long term one. One day you find yourselves living in the same space. Your life as an independent single being has definitely come to an end. Now, with your partner, you've got sex and bills to pay together. You share your resources. You put your books on the same shelves. You hang your pictures, posters or your paintings next to one another on the same walls. You count what you can afford together. In the bedroom you exchange bodily fluids, mix your dreams and blend your energies. You see each other naked, physically and emotionally. If you don't, it didn't work as it should have. Intimacy is sharing what usually remains hidden and that’s how you become one.

so much negativity.jpg

Another eighth house crisis may give your freedom back to you one day, but for now, you are creating a new unit, and in the process you may lose big chunks of what you assumed was your personal identity…

In the eighth, the ego dies.

There are other transformations in a human life, some are big and other small...

There are also rivers of money in the eighth house. In the second, we acquire, we accumulate, we save. Big second house money becomes a capital. In the eighth house, money flows.

The eighth is a Water house and money is liquid. Sometimes it flows in and sometimes it flows out.

Sometimes you get some on the way back from the graveyard, along with some communications from the other world. Sometimes someone you once loved to the point of having children with makes you pay, emotionally and financially. Sometimes you go to the bank to borrow some power. Sometimes you pay, or get paid for sex. (Not you, dear reader, another reader).

Money is value, money becomes a symbol of value, emotions are attached to whatever is valued, emotions flow like money, and it's all power.... symbolic logic is a strange logic!

We only have to observe life to see how some threads are intertwined....Death (and the other world, and the occult…), sex, power, money, transformation...

When we interpret eighth house placement, we don't always need to come up with the whole Shakespearean drama though. In many cases, only something associated with these themes and emotional storms will be relevant, thanks God!

...thank you for travelling with me. Hope to see you again, transformed and well alive on another journey!

Jean-Marc Pierson

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