Have your cake or eat it in the second house

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We appeared in the first house. We are now steeped in the material world, the world of duality. Welcome to the second house! 

When we were born, we didn't have a sense of being a "me", separated from the rest of the world, that is from Mother. It would take about eight months to realise that separation is even possible, which will trigger great anxieties. But I'm already talking about the 8th house here, which is just opposite the second and can be seen as its shadow...

As soon as we are able to see ourselves as a separate entity, it becomes possible, not only to be, but to have. The second house is the house of having.

Having is a kind of relationship. What we have is not us, but it becomes somehow an extension of us. Our "possessive style", what we value (what we deem worth having), how we attract what we desire and how we cling to our possessions is shown in the second house. 

Venus, ruler of Taurus, the second sign, naturally rules this house. 

Some people define themselves only through their possessions. The guy with the impressive car, the platinum credit card and a dazzling blonde hanging to his arm or the shopaholic may have forgotten that "to be" is supposed to happen in the first house in the first place and not entirely in the second...

Wisdom recommends a detached attitude towards material possessions. However, it is not possible to exist in this world without having anything at all. 

When we were born, we had nothing in our pockets, we didn't even have pockets, but we had a mother. She gave us her breast to suck and later on food to eat, cloths to wear, her constant presence and all kinds of things which became "ours": Our teddy bear, our bed, our room, our toys, our shoes, our plate... Hopefully we had a Dad as well. 

Throughout life, we will have to have things and people as well.  The second house is unavoidable. 

Before eating our cake, we must have it. It goes the same way with jacket potatoes or vegan pastas. Once eaten, the food becomes part of us. We will go to the loo in the eighth house, house of letting go, but for now, in the second, we are just adding to who we are by having more.

We will apply this fundamental pattern: having - consuming to a wide variety of things, at many different levels, in many different styles and it will all be symbolised by this house. 

How many different ways to have a cake and eat it can there be? You can take your time or eat it as quickly as possible lest someone else grabs it and eat it instead of you; you can start with the icing - if you consider the icing to be the best bit - or keep it for the end; you can munch slowly and enjoy it sensually, or stuff yourself with as much as possible, just to feel full as quickly as possible; you can eat it with your fingers or have manners and use a little spoon elegantly; you can eat a cake you've baked yourself or only eat cake when someone makes one for you; you can share it or save it for later; you can eat a cake you don't really like just because everyone says this cake is the best you can get; you can sit outside for everyone to see what you're eating and envy you; you can decide that you are above something as trivial as eating cake and pretend you don't care... I leave it to you to connect these different cake eating styles with zodiacal signs and imagine other ways... It's all second house story.


Traditionally, the second house is called the house of money. 

Money stands for all the things we can have, all the things we may need or desire, all the things we value. The second house is house of values. 

Values are not only material, but also emotional, mental and spiritual. Having a lover is like having emotional food on our plate. We want to eat a lover; at a subtle level of energy, we really do. We absorb their vibes, breathe in their odour, we are hungry of them and them of us. 

What is better than being valued by someone we value to the point of making love together? 

Being desired is good for our self esteem, but we need a certain basis of self esteem for this to happen in the first place. 

The second house is also about self esteem. The more we attribute value to things and people the more we are likely to wonder about our own value. Are we worth having as a daughter or a son, from a parent's point of view? Are we worth having as a friend at school? Are we worth having as a collaborator, business partner, lover, mother, father....? Do we have value?

All the people we have in our lives feed us with their particular way of being. We feed them in return with our own energies. We  get attached. The second house is house of attachments. 

The seventh house, the other house ruled by Venus, is said to be the house of partnerships. The meanings definitely overlap.

Who is worth getting attached to? The beautiful, the compassionate, the funny, the adventurer, the listener, the sweet, the kind, the strong, the clever, the skilful, the reliable, the spiritual...? It depends on what we value more... what do we want to have? What would you buy if you won the lottery?

Our relationship with our body is ambiguous. We talk about it as something we have ( My legs, my nose, my butt, my nostril, my body..) whilst simultaneously identifying with it. 

In the first house, the body is expression of who we are. In the second, it's our most precious possession - the second house says something about our relationship with our body, and our body is our connection to nature... Do we owe the earth or does the earth owes us? 

Following this thread, an interpretation of Jupiter in the second house can be that we are going to be attracted by a kind of faith (Jupiter) connected with nature, like paganism or animism. Something that do not reject the body.

To consider the different aspects of a problem, we can ask the fundamental questions: What? How? Why? Who? When we apply the question "How" to the content of the second house, we learn something about how we manage to get these things or people we value into our lives. 

The second house is also called house of inner resources. What do we have within us that will enable us to get what we need, desire, value? What talents, skills, abilities are there for us to get what we need and want? 

In conclusion, the second house's principle is extremely simple: it is: "to have". Money, self esteem, value, values, body, inner resources...are essential key words. 

This house is also as complex and varied in its expressions as life... We can have material goods, people, skills, gifts, qualities... we can have and be had. What we own.. owns us. Here we get attached. Without attachments, we wouldn't be incarnated.

Let's keep our beginners' spirit open, the study of astrology is an ongoing meditation...

Jean-Marc Pierson Astrologer