Secrets of the fourth house

Where are you from? Where do you belong? How about your emotional foundations?

I introduced the first house as being the house of the incarnated self and illustrated this with the symbol of the Russian dolls: the smallest one, at the centre, is the spiritual being; the biggest one is similar to the one at the core, created to its likeness, turning up at the surface to meet the outer world...

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I didn't mention an important detail. The biggest doll has drunk from the Lethe river the waters of oblivion. Our body and our behavioural patterns may be an expression of the truth of who we really are but... we have forgotten. We don't know who on earth we might be.

We are now living in the world of reflections. The Moon is Queen. Matter is Mother. We receive from her, not only our body, shaped in her womb, but everything we need for our survival and well being. Her breast is the great provider. Her attention is guarantee of existence. Around her is a house, a closed and warm space that's a little bit like a bigger womb, and maybe there is a father, a husband who provides for her as she provides for us. Or maybe there is no father, no husband, but a family anyway, grandparents, uncles and aunts, there is always another layer of protective and nurturing cocoon around us and mother... or at least there should be.

Around our family, there may be a village, a city, a nation, possibly a welfare state contributing to the security and protection of mothers and babies; they wrote our name on their registers as soon as we were born.

There is also a culture around us. Maybe we were baptised or went through any other ritual involving water or earth, meaning that we belonged where we belonged…

Ultimately we belong to this earth and we live within the lunar orbit.

As above so below. The Moon reflects the realities of the spiritual world. In the water, images are inverted. In the fourth house, we can still think of our existence as a set of Russian dolls, like in the first house, but now we are the smallest one at the centre; now we don't express our being from inside out, now we are impressed from outside in. We receive all influences from above, from around, and we are incredibly sensitive. Maybe all what comes to us from this outside world in nothing but the lunar echo of what we are within, but we don't know that.

Maybe one day we will study astrology, think poetically, wonder about esoteric laws and suspect that all that there is is only one thing...


The fourth house is the house of our emotional foundations. If baby feels safe and welcome, he or she is likely to feel so for life. All the impressions of childhood shape our attitudes, our emotions and feelings, our sense of who we are... and without knowing it, we are our parents, our grandparents, our ancestors, the earth they walked on, the sacred place where they are buried, we are what they lived, we are their continuation, we are history.

When the fourth house is activated in a chart, some of the themes associated with it will manifest, whether in our minds/souls or as events.

Someone with the Sun or any planet related to career in the fourth house can become an estate agent and make a living buying and selling properties: It's fourth house business as we grow up in homes. Yes, sometimes interpretations can be as surface level as that!

Working from home is another interpretation of indicators of career in this house... and if this indicator is Mars, it could also mean being a soldier - a warrior dedicated to protect the motherland.


Another expression of the fourth house can be an interest for history and anything related to our origins, to the past, to our ancestors and traditions. The historian, the story teller, the West African griot, the genealogist, the archeologist have all business in the fourth house. We are the harvest of the past. Where do we come from? Where we once apes jumping from branch to branch high up in trees? Indicators of knowledge (Mercury, Jupiter, the rulers of the third and ninth house) in the fourth house will turn our interests toward the past...

Our origins at not only collective. Our personal origin is our mother, and also our father indeed! We have received our genes from them, half from one, the other half from the other. Traditional astrologers say that the fourth house represent the father and the tenth the mother. Modern astrologers associate houses and signs, and as the 4th sign is Cancer, ruled by the Moon, it's difficult not to see mother in it. I'm pretty sure it's half-half, like in our DNA!

We also receive a whole package of emotional patterns form our family, which may lead us one day in the office of another fourth house worker... the psychologist, or the psycho genealogist. These professions are connected actually with all three watery houses. Exploring the past is more specifically fourth house minded.

As children, we felt before we thought. We imagined and dreamt before we reasoned. We were sensitive before being logical... and we still are!

The fourth house is a most private and intimate house. If you have ever done a guided meditation with a hypnotherapist, maybe he told you to imagine you were climbing down stairs going deep within the earth. A the bottom of the stairs, there was a door, and behind this door, a secret room - your secret place, your secret garden if you prefer it to be a garden... there you are absolutely safe and protected. This inner world is your fourth house.

Nobody has never been as close to you as your mother was.

Jean-Marc Pierson, astrologer