6 A few things about Mercury

Mercury, like Venus, rules two signs: Gemini and Virgo.

In this post, I'll introduce you to Mercury. I'll talk about the associated signs and houses in other posts.

I like to think of the planet-energies as our "psychic organs".

Everyone has Mercury in their chart, everyone has one and only one of each planet-energy in their birth chart.

If we were studying anatomy, we would start learning about things that are true for every human being. For instance whatever we may learn about the lungs and the human respiratory system would be valid for anybody. At this level of knowledge we are all the same.


 Now, we are also all different. Some people may have a huge respiratory capacity and others suffer from asthma. Similarly, everyone has Mercury in their chart, but mine is in Libra, connected to Venus, Jupiter and Saturn...

 This is why it is important to understand the planets before the signs. They are our psychic organs. Once we understand them, we will know more about what makes us unique looking at what sign and house our planets are in, what aspects they receive etc...

The planets can be summarized by a few key verbs.

Mercury says:

I think- I communicate -


If you remember only two key verbs, remember those!

If you're ready for more, Mercury also says:

I speak - I analyse - I imitate - I move - I serve - I pass on the message - I learn - I study - I reason - I read - I write - I trade - I exchange - I walk - I run - I speed up - I drive the car! - I do the DIY - I talk- I lie - I trick - I joke- I sing - I play music - I observe- I classify - I pay attention to details - I multiply - I divide - I count - I adapt - I adjust - I know - I repair - I link - I connect - I go get the info - I explore - I am curious of everything - I heal - I collect - I make lists....

Mercury is our mind! It's also our ability to move.


Sometimes Mercury is the monkey mind. Sometimes he is the awakened mind, able to heal, even if it's nothing but placebo effect... When we talk about mind-body connection, we're talking about the magic of Mercury.

Planets can also represent people who appear in our lives. Mercury can represent a sibling, a young person, a peer, a neighbor.

It is  associated with the age of 10 or 12, before puberty. At that age, children are interested in learning and knowing. They may know for instance all the kinds of dinosaurs that once existed, and look at you with pity if you don't know the difference between a Stegosaurus and a Pterodactyl. Later on, when boys become the main focus of girls and vice versa, the dinosaurs will lose their auras of prestige...

Do you get the spirit of Mercury?

At school, a child with a strong Mercury will be... wait a little bit and try to guess before reading the next lines...




He or she will be good at school indeed, unless (s)he is so clever that (s)he gets bored and distracted.

The Mercury child could become the one that disturbs the class, cracks jokes or plays tricks, whilst being able to give the good answers to the questions of the teacher, which, in his/her mind, entirely justifies the cheeky behavior! He or she can also make a fortune selling sweets to his/her comrades.

When in love the Mercury teenager (or adult... ) will not be the most passionate and faithful, as curiosity for all what exists is his or her main mood.

For the Mercurial individual, feelings are a very interesting subject to observe, their expression are great to imitate in order to make everyone laugh.

The energy of Mercury makes you like things and people, but when you fall in love, it's not Mercury anymore, it's Venus or Mars. Now, when it comes to business of the heart, Mercury can help a lot, as this energy knows how to communicate...

What kind of jobs, what kind of hobbies would a Mercury person more enjoy?

I let you guess this one...


If Mercury was an animal, which would it be?

A squirrel maybe. Not a rhinoceros. A rhinoceros would rather make me think of a combination of Mars and Saturn. (Saturn gives the heavy, armored twist to the Martian aggressiveness of the beast). Little birds, swallows, robins... and carrier pigeons indeed are Mercury with animal form. Bees as well...


When I was young I read the adventures of Tintin. Do you know him? He is quite Mercurial. He is a reporter, always on the move. You don't see him very interested in women, he loves his best friend, the Captain Haddock and his dog. He is very clever. He is curious of everything. He always find a way to get himself out of the most complicated situations... Mercury is your inner Tintin!


Let's now go for a walk in the street and look at the buildings. Which ones are we going to tag Mercury?

The post office is a typical one of course. All the shops will be tagged Mercury as Mercury is a trader.

Yesterday I noticed two shops sitting next to each other: one was a music shop and the other one a wine shop. I was thinking: it's a Neptune spot! Neptune, the planet of Pisces, is relevant to both music (music expresses feelings without words and connects us with other dimensions, or just offer a way to escape reality) and to wine (drink like a fish, it's liquid and also a way to escape reality!) Now both shops deserve the Mercury tag... simply for being are shops.

Mercury is also a musician by the way: you need to be skilled and nimble-fingered to play an instrument..


Another shop that expresses Mercury is the stationary shop. Here is all you need to write and do the accountancy. The vet, the pet shop, that's Mercury again. The chemist, the dentist... the bus Garage, and also the bus stops, the metro station, even the Bus and the trains themselves, the pavements and the roads as everything that allows movement and communication is expression of the energy of Mercury. Great journeys are usually associated with Jupiter, the sign Sagittarius and the ninth house, but short trips in the surrounding are ruled by Mercury.

The schools where young people learn lessons and are together with their peers are Mercurial places.

The physiotherapist, the dietetic shop express yet another facet of this multifaceted energy.

In the body, Mercury rules the nervous system. It's all about communication, whether of orders from the brain to the muscles, or information from the organ of the senses to the central nervous system where everything is stored and interconnected...)


It also rules the lungs (breathe in, breathe out, exchange with the environment) and the intestines (break down the aliments into smaller constituants and sort out what to keep and what is shit)

What emotions and feelings would you give a "Mercury tag"?


What symbols would you associate with Mercury? In particular, what element among the four: Fire, Earth, Air and Water?


We could look at life as a double movement. A movement from Source towards the multiplicity of things and beings, and a movement from multiplicity back to source. Mercury expresses the movement towards multiplicity. It turns its back to the Temple and looks at the world. In philosophy, he is all with Aristotle, and probably sarcastic about Plato. Mercury values observation and experimentation over speculation and metaphysics.


We know intimately all the energies, as we have been living them since we were born. All we need is to be able to recognize them and differentiate them from the other energies. Recognizing and differentiating are things Mercury does.


I leave you here to meditate... If your Mercury is curious, visit the homepage of this website and learn everything you need to know about Astro Stories