5 Venus, Taurus and the Second House

 Venus, the planet of love, law of attraction, arts and values (including money but not only) has two sides, there is Venus-Taurus and Venus-Libra... In this post I'll talk about the Taurus side of Venus.


When I began to study astrology, I was really surprised to find Taurus described as "hyper female" by André Barbault. (A French well known one) 


After Aries, ruled by Mars, planet named after the very macho God of War, Taurus, ruled by the planet going by the name of the most girly Goddess of them all, Venus, is the archetype of femininity... OK, but...


What is a big bull doing here then?


I found out later that in the history of humanity, the first representation of God was actually a Goddess. She appeared at the same time we invented agriculture. According to prehistorians, the Neolithic revolution, that is the invention of agriculture,  is likely to have been initiated by women.


This Goddess Mother was almost always represented accompanied by a bull. That's why when we see the horns of the bull, in fact, we see the Goddess.


At that time human beings settled down, built houses, harvested, hoarded for winter, became territorials, invented private property, accumulated wealth and enjoyed life!

Noel 2013 069.JPG

After a few millennia of ice age fighting mammoths with spears and sleeping without pyjamas in caves, human beings revered the Great Goddess who made the seeds grow in the fields and in the females' bellies.. 


To understand Aries people, we can imagine that they are still hunter gatherers in spirit. To understand people strongly influenced by Taurus, we can think they have farmers souls.


They are sensual, they enjoy all earthy pleasures. They are hoarders, they want material security, they are builders, they are hard workers,  they want to have. They are deeply connected with nature. They want stability. Sometimes they are lazy... They enjoy the sensations provided by their senses and body. 

Stability, security, sensuality, fecundity... and enjoying the good life. That's Taurus. Fecundity is usually associated with the Moon. The Moon is said to be "exalted" in Taurus. This means that if we see planets as energies and signs as energy fields, Taurus suits the Moon very well. Taurus could be seen, not as a mere extension of Venus, but as a compound of Venus and Moon. In the same way, the Sun is exalted in Aries. 

Taurus are artists. This sign is associated with the throat and natives often have a strong voice. They can be talented as singers, painters, sculptors, jewelers... 

 Important  themes associated with the second house are our relationship with our body, our sense of self worth and the money we earn. Let me remind you that the house associated to a sign expresses the same archetype in a more concrete way. 


Taurus is an earth sign. There are four elements, earth, water, air and fire. Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) are pretty much concerned by the more down to earth side of life.

Taurus is also a fixed sign. There are four fixed signs which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The signs are divided into three qualities: signs can be Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable.

Cardinal signs are energies of starting things, Fixed signs energies of keeping things as they are (you could call them conservatives in a literal sense) and Mutable signs energies of adaptation and transformation...


Fixed signs have qualities that are similar to Earth. Taurus is both Fixed and Earth. This sign has a reputation of being stubborn.


Here are a few key words:

 Slow - Stable - Artist - Vocal - Possessive - Jealous - Simple - Nature loving - Rooted - Conservative - Strong - Endurant - Calm - Patient -Sensual - Glutton - Lazy - Hard working - Money Loving - Down to earth.

In another post I'll talk about the Libra side of Venus - It will be all about relationships, partnerships, social life, justice, search for harmony... 

 Jean-Marc Pierson Astrologer


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