12 Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn can be seen as two faces of the same coin. They are the social planets. They are the interface between us as individuals (we as Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars) and we as members of society  with its rules, codes, manners, laws...and even we as part of the "Great scheme of things"...  

 If we were tools, Jupiter and Saturn would be our handles. Take, for instance, a shovel. The individual personality of the shovel is this piece of metal that...  shovels. The handle of the tool is part of the tool, but designed for hands... We are individuals. How do we fit in? Can we be handled? 

 If Jupiter expands whatever it touches like a "Miracle Grow" planet, Saturn does the opposite. Saturn contracts, tightens, structures, tests, shrinks, condenses, slows down... 

 At the level of feelings, Jupiter brings about enthusiasm and optimism, and Saturn fear and... say realism! 

 Saturn was called the "Great Malefic" by traditional astrologers. Saturn brings difficulties. Would you wish a child to live a life without difficulties to overcome? We are children of Heaven and Earth. They give us Saturn. We don't like it. We don't have to. 

 When Saturn touches for instance Mercury, our mind may become heavy, stupid and slow. Oysters may have a higher IQ than us; we may feel difficult to communicate, because of a stammer, or dyslexia, or autism, or shyness, our mobility may be reduced... or we may also become very logical, realist, coherent, consistent, serious... At school, children with a square Saturn-Mercury are whether the best or the worst of the class. 

 When Saturn touches the Moon, we may suffer from emotional inhibitions and frustrations... Our mother may have been quite stern, our parents may have been very focused on good manners and behaviors and not very hugging... We may be very self contained.... or an emotionally frustrated mess! 

 There are of course many more possible interpretations to every symbol than the few examples I'm giving here...


 Symbols are magical doors. They don't always open onto the same scenery, and there is always room for surprise. 

 All places a particular magical door can lead you to have something in common, but it's very difficult to be sure of what this common something exactly is... 

One day Saturn will tell you about skin, bones and joints and another day about boundaries, structures and morality. The next time you open the Saturn door, all you get is a great feeling of fear and inadequacy, and if you're courageous enough to open it again, you may find yourself  at the top of the social ladder, but the day after, you're a hermit...  the day after the day after, you're home, because that's where your responsibilities are, and you're telling the children how to behave:  you say "YOU MUST" or "YOU HAVE TO" and often you say  "NO NO NO!" ... 

 Can you intuit the common something? 

 All we can do with symbols and energies is trying to understand "in spirit".  However, if understanding in spirit is reading "between the lines" without Saturn, there would be no lines!  Saturn wants a proper formulation. 

 Saturn is the energy that brings us down from spirit to the material plane; concrétisation, materialization, crystalisation....  It's all about "taking form"... and keeping it.

 Saturn's Greek name is Chronos, which means time. Time is our limit. We can't do and be everything. We need to make choices, and stick to them. This can feel very frustrating. Men may dream to love all women. That could be a great plan, but in reality, there is not enough time. Each choice, each commitment implies a renouncement... With Saturn, we need to "face reality"... 

 When the potter make pots, the clay is wet and malleable. Then the pot is left to dry and cooked. The form will be fixed once and for all until it's broken;  if the pot we've made is a square pot, it's too late to make it round, if it's round, it's too late to make it square... This is how Saturn works. Real pots, unlike dreams and ideas,  can't be one day round and one day square.... 

loads of good stuff 030.JPG

 Saturn rules the stern side of education, which is concerned with molding behaviors. "Sit straight, do your homework, say hello, please, thank you and sorry (even if you are not really sorry) don't lie (unless it's politeness)  don't steal, don't touch your genitals in public, get up early, be on time, respect others" etc etc.... When Saturn becomes excessive, there is nothing left for being emotional or spontaneous, and we end up living in a terrible emotional straitjacket. But without Saturn, nothing in us would be firm enough to stand on our feet... 

 Saturn bring anything that can be painful but necessary. One day the baby has sucked enough milk from mother's breast. Baby's teeth are growing. It's weaning time. These wonderful moments will never happen again. Saturn closes the door and turns the page. Jupiter can keep get us growing....



However, with Saturn, dreams do come true - not all of them, but some of them. Saturn is both frustration and achievement. Saturn can be were we will eventually shine... 

In a birth chart, Saturn shows where we will meet fear, feeling of inferiority, frustrations, obstacles and difficulties, be confronted to the necessity of making choices, put of lot of hard work and learn to deal with reality. Saturn shows where we feel unworthy, incompetent or inadequate.  Saturn shows were are the big obstacles and the big lessons and where we may eventually reach mastery. 

 Saturn in a few keywords... 


Achievement -Restrictions - Discipline - Frustration - Austerity - Mastery - Morality - Inhibitions - Fear - Feeling of Inadequacy - Achievement - Social Status - Responsibility - Ambition - Career - Summit - Duty - Obligations - Interdictions - Form - Behavior - Long term - Time - Structure - Control - Power - Density - Slowness - Seriousness - Ego - Superego - Contraction - Crystallization - Experience - 

 If I kept only three words they could be:  Restriction - Structure - Ambition

Do your homework now! 

11. Jupiter

 Do you know Miracle Grow? That's something you give your plants and, o my God, how they grow, that's amazing ! 


 This may be the worst of all my metaphors, as Miracle Grow is not an organic product at all! However, to introduce Jupiter, I've found nothing better.

A more traditional picture would have been the cornucopia, the "horn of abundance", which is associated with Zeus-Jupiter as it was originally a horn from Amalthea, the goat who fed Zeus when the future king of the Gods was a child... Whatever you'll get out of it, expect to get plenty! 

 Everything Jupiter touches becomes big. If you have a big ego, add a bit of Jupiter and you'll get a Mega Big Ego. 
If Jupiter touches your Venus and you're a painter, you're likey to paint something big, like, for instance..the Sixtine Chapel... In Michelangelo's chart, there is a tight square between Venus and Jupiter.... 


If Jupiter touches your Mars, you're not going to be just a mere warrior. You're going to be a Genghis Khan. Ah, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. Not everyone with Mars-Jupiter contacts becomes a fierce conqueror of the world, fortunately. 

 If Jupiter touches your Moon, your imagination will take you to there and back. Your memory will be of an elephant, and your emotions an ocean... and maybe you'll get a big stomach as well, as the Moon rules it. 

 If Jupiter touches your Mercury, you'll be clever, you'll see the big picture.  You'll communicate bigger: Mercury speaks and Jupiter does public speaking. Mercury moves around, Jupiter travels the world. Mercury analyses, Jupiter synthesizes. Mercury gather information, Jupiter organizes it in theories, and beyond what can be known by reason, Jupiter believes... Mercury is common sense, Jupiter is philosophy. 

 Jupiter and Mercury both symbolize the mind. What makes Jupiter such a Miracle Grow energy... is in the mind. It's a question of positive attitude, of coherence, of beliefs, of open mindedness...

 To be honest, I don't know whether our inner attitude is entirely responsible for our good or bad luck. What I know for sure is that it's an important factor... 



 If I used verbs to conjured what Jupiter does, a part from "I grow big" I would say:

 I rule, I integrate, I make laws, I know, I guide, I teach, I preach, I public speak, I explore, I discover, I seek for coherence, I seek for meaning, I think. 

The three more important of these key words might be: Integrate, explore, think. 
 When Jupiter dresses up, it wears.... the robe and the wig of a magistrate, the square hat and gown of the scholar, the tiara of the pope, the cassock of the clergyman, the blouse of a scientist, the suit of the businessman, I should say business human, the uniform of the general... and these clothing usually go with an appellation: Your honor, Your Holiness, Father or Mother (yes, it's rarer than Father) Sir, General, Doctor... 
 With Jupiter we  have a function. We integrate society. We play our role. In an horoscope, Jupiter tells something about how we do that...

 According to Michel Gauquelin, who did a lot of statistics to prove astrology was nonsense and found out that it was not, Jupiter is prominent in the charts many politicians and actors. Playing a role is what these two categories have in common...

 Jupiter is often said to bring good luck. However, luck rarely happens in the form of food falling directly from the sky right into our plate. (I have seen a case, but it's exceptional) 

 If someone integrates society by joining the local football team or charity or going to church, whatever, and proves themselves a good fellow, the soul mate or the dream job may be met in this context, at the Christmas dinner party maybe... With Jupiter we integrate a larger unit and we contribute to the common good. In return we receive opportunities and protection. This is just what social life is about. 

  Some mystics may deal directly with God (which they may call "the Universe") but for most of us, Jupiter's abundance is directly proportional to our social integration. Our social integration is a question of attitude. Maybe the word "attitude" sums it all up. So how is Jupiter in your chart? 


 Let's now have a look at the shadow side of this energy... When a planet is "afflicted" in a chart, that is when it receives many tense aspects, the shadow side is likely to be calling for some conscious tweaking... 


For instance, the story of the tulip mania in the 17th century is a fabulous illustration of Jupiter going wrong. All opponents to unregulated capitalism will agree with the necessity of Saturnian regulation to boundless Jupiterian growth and search for profit.

I love this story, maybe because I'm a gardener. It's the story of all speculative bubbles. Tulips were recently introduced in Dutch Republic and became very fashionable, so fashionable that everyone wanted bulbs. There was more demand than supply so the price of the bulbs went up. Because the price went up, people bought bulbs, not to plant them but to sell them later and make a profit. So more people wanted to buy, and the prices kept going up, more speculators were attracted, so much so that the price of a single bulb reached ten times the annual income of a skilled worker...

At some point, buyers wanted to sell to make their profit, and the more they wanted to sell the less the prices went up, and therefore no one wanted to buy bulbs anymore, and the last buyers were ruined.

big bubble.jpg

I find this fascinating. Coming back to psychology and astrology, with an afflicted Jupiter, we may lose touch with reality, invest emotionally in our own ego and get it inflated enough to lose touch with reality... 

 Donald Trump, has a retrograde Jupiter conjunct Chiron square Saturn, Mercury and Venus, also trine Sun and sextile Moon. 

 He managed to inflate as much as he could...Here is not the place for a debate about political ideas. I am talking only about the style of the public character. He looks like someone out of proportions to me... 

Jupiter, the planet, is the biggest of all those who revolve around the Sun, and it's all gas. It's a giant hot air balloon! 


 So, remember: Jupiter is Growth, Social Integration,  Attitude, Role Playing, Mind,  Quest for Meaning, Wisdom, Knowledge, Philosophy, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Faith, Travel, Exploration... 


10. Pluto

Fucking Hell! ...Excuse my French, I just wanted to introduce Pluto. Profanities provide a simple and efficient way to connect emotionally with the most radical and extreme of all energies! 
 So let's proceed...

 Pluto symbolizes instincts, the power that comes from below, the sexual energy, the  power in the guts. Hades, to call him by his Greek name, is the God of the Underworld. 

 An esoteric teaching tells that human being is a microcosm. We are the universe in miniature. In our bodies, the underworld is under the belt. Gut, sex, anus and all the emotional powers and energies that stem from there... 

 When someone says "I am fucked" it means that they are overpowered. But if someone says "Fuck them!" they mean "My power first!" 

 And "fucking", as you know, also means "having sex"... 

 Isn't is a shame to use the same word to mean having sex or to abuse? Sexuality should be a sacred thing don't you think so? Sex should be an act of love happening between two consenting hearts. But I am speaking like Neptune here, not like Pluto...

 The energy of Neptune connects us with the myth - or nostalgie of a lost innocence, a lost paradise. With Neptune we want to go to heaven. Pluto is Neptune's shadow in the world of below. Pluto is the naked unbearable truth: we are not in heaven. We are fallen angels. We have demons within... We are fucked up! 

 Crude Plutonic language tells us that at the level of wild, unprocessed instincts, sex is not a question of love. It's power. In nature males fight. The winner takes it all. He gets the female, or possibly a whole herd and a territory. Pluto is ruthless.


  A number of sexual fantasies and erotic games have a lot to do with overpowering or being overpowered... Would you prefer to be blindfolded and attached to the four corners of the bed, or to do it to someone else? Erotic games, when coloured by Pluto, stage stories of power. 

  When human beings express Pluto's energy in its raw state, they abuse, they commit crimes, they kill, rape and plunder like the Vikings of old on a holiday trip in Southern Europa. When civilization fails, we hear stories of rebels in Irak and Syria displaying their enemies' heads on spikes and eating their livers to incorporate their strength. A fundamental key word is "Archaic" or Magic. Possibly Black Magic...


Roman Polanski.jpg

 We are fascinated by Pluto. Pirates are typical Plutonian characters.  Did you love Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbeans? Have you ever dreamed of flying a black flag with skulls and crossbones? Movies are works of art and imagination. The Moon rules imagination, and Venus the arts. Let's check the natal chart of Roman Polanski. His movie "Pirates" is such a masterpiece... Spot on! There is a conjunction Moon - Pluto -Middle of the Sky and Venus forms a sextile to it. As you see, with a strong Pluto energy, you don't turn into a wild beast, you can become a successful film director. He was also convicted for sexual abuse on minor though. 

 In medieval times, there was a custom that allowed the feudal lord the right to sleep with a bride from his fiefdom on the night of her wedding to someone else. It was called the "Droit de Seigneur" and could have been called "Pluto's right"... 

  At the center of our brain is a structure neurologists call the "reptilian brain". Its functions are the most basic and vital. At Pluto ground level, we are still crocodiles, lizards, snakes... We are powerful and unconscious. That's scary. That's Pluto. 

 Aggression, survival, instincts, fight or flight, territoriality, life or death situations, and of course sexual drive- the survival of the species - ... That's what Pluto is about, but not only... 

  Before exploring further on, I need to explain a little bit about how symbols work. I have introduced Pluto as an energy, but in fact, "Pluto" is a symbol. What is symbolized is the raw energy I have talked about, and other things. 

 A symbol is a kind of "spiritual brand". On the material plane, a particular brand can sell for instance shoes, trousers, jackets, socks, bags, and have shops on the HIgh Streets  If you get a clue that you are going to get something from this brand.... you don't know whether you'll get a pair of shoes or trousers, or maybe a job in one of their shop! A symbol is a clue. It may refer to many things...

 That's why the art of interpreting an astrological chart is similar to the work of a detective. The placements of the astrological symbols  are clues and it take the talent of a Sherlock Holmes to integrate them into a coherent picture. Elementary Doctor Watson! 

 However, don't worry. Many basic interpretations about the placements of planets in signs and houses work well enough to be accurate in many cases. Just remember that there is much more to any symbol than a few key words to apply automatically and systematically... 

Arcane without a name.jpg

 I have started this presentation of Pluto talking about raw instincts. I could have started talking about death and rebirth, about shamanism, mediumship or alchemy, about shit or about financial flows, about emotional welding, about the personal and collective unconscious or about evolution... I suggest you remember these key words. 

 Beyond our raw instincts, Pluto symbolizes how we deal with them, what kind of lotus flowers will bloom with their roots in this mud... and all the intermediate states, experiences and trials between the mud and the lotus. 
 When Pluto is emphasized in a chart, the individual will have psychological traits associated with these themes: they will have strong instincts, be passionate, discerning, intuitive, maybe psychic, able to confront extreme circumstances, possessive, fascinated by death (and possibly able to communicate with the dead), radical, strong willed, possibly cruel or ruthless, manipulative ................unless the individual can't cope, lives seasons in hell, destroys themselves, goes through depression, needs a psychoanalysis to confront their inner demons... 


duck erotic.jpg

  Let's follow a few threads about Plutonian themes... 

   Sex and death have always been linked in the imagination of poets and lovers who would die for a night with each other, die in each other's arms  and survive through their offspring... 

 Pluto, and the sign it rules, Scorpio, are also about the emotional welding of two individuals. Before Scorpio is Libra. Libra is the sign of relationships. The ideal of Libra is being two. This sign emphasizes the necessary compromises, the diplomacy, the good manners, the elegance we need to create harmony between two partners. However, the Plutonian mentality is that we can't cheat with who we are when we are physically and emotionally naked together, perceptive, intuitive, intensely aware and ready to die in the way sperm cells and eggs die when they fuse and become a new being...

 Who would waste such a bliss not being who they really are in the process? Plutonians are always radical. They chose the naked truth over the good manners. 

so much negativity.jpg

  Death means in our experience much more than the end of our own life. There are many symbolic deaths. 

 We can lose someone we love, loss is a kind of death,  we say that something dies within... (Remember "loss" as a key word)

We can also lose anything we are attached to, and among all things, our ego and our pride may be what we cherish most! Pluto might kill the ego and give us an initiation. (Another key word here!) 

 We become the snake who sheds its old skin.. Pluto is crisis, death and rebirth. Pluto destroys the old structures and open new creative ways...

 The irruption of puberty in our lives was a Plutonic time. It happened without asking for permission, our body changed, new and intense emotions appeared, the child we were was gone... 

  In traditional societies, some individuals became. They had to endure difficult initiations, confront the reality of their own death and they became able to travel to the world of spirits, the world of the dead and negotiate with spirits. Pluto can lead there as well. 

New logo white background.png

 Pluto and Money. 

 With Venus and Taurus, we want to have money to ensure our material security and enjoy life. For Pluto, money is power. Who gets it controls the world.
 Money is associated with death when we inherit, and with emotional welding when we share our power to the point of opening a joint account. When we borrow to the bank, we borrow power. Then we are indebted, and the bank has the power to take the home  back if we don't pay the mortgage...  The eight house, Scorpio and Pluto speak about money when if flows between people in such ways, as opposed to the money we earn through our own labor, which is symbolized by the second house, Venus and Taurus. 

   Something mysterious about symbols is that opposite coincides. Pluto symbolizes the raw and wild energy and also the mystical work called "alchemy" which consists in turning what's raw and vile into spiritual gold. Pluto is a symbol of our inner transformation. 

  Pluto is purification, transformation and regeneration. The raw sexual energy is but an expression of the vital force coiling like a snake at the base of the spine, the kundalini... 
 Through the process of transmutation, Pluto's energies within us are called to become spiritual ideals with flesh and bones. 

 Power then will mean self mastery. 

 I hope you learned something I was happy to share with you about the most fascinating of all energies! .... 


9. The Sun

cathleen+dessins 016.JPG

  The Sun symbolizes the centre of our personality, our heart, who we really are.

As the saying goes, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience" 

 The Sun is the spiritual being within. The particular brand of human experience we are having is represented by the sign in which the Sun was at the moment of our birth.

  A Sun sign does not represent a fixed set of personality traits. A Sun sign is rather a "psychological landscape". 

 For instance, saying "I am Capricorn" means something similar to saying "My life path leads to the mountain". 
 In a real mountain, someone can be a climber and someone else a skier. One can be a mountain guide and another a hermit. 
 Among climbers, some are going to be champions and others beginners. Mountain guides may specialize, one will make you discover wildlife, another will take tourists to the summits...

 All we can be sure of is that whoever lives in the mountain will have to deal with slopes and a rigourous climate...

Bebrac a dab rac 016 (1024x768).jpg

 Have you heard of the concept of family ressemblance, popularized by the philosopher Wittgenstein? 
 Imagine you're looking at a child and say: he has the nose of the family! ... in this family, a number of individuals (but not all!) have this kind of nose... 
 Then you're looking at another child belonging to the same family and you say: he has the eyes of the family...

 Now you look at these two children. One has the typical nose... but not the eyes. The other has the typical eyes... but not the nose. They don't look like each other, but they both belong to the family, without the shadow of a doubt.
 This concept of family ressemblance applies to astrology. If your Sun is in a particular sign, you will express some typical traits of the sign and still you may appear very different from other natives of the same sign. At a deeper level though, you will all have something in common... 
I have started this chapter on the Sun by talking about signs! Maybe the reason is that the sun is the source of light. What is lit is not the sun, but the world. When the Sun shines in the zodiac, what we see is not the Sun, but the sign... 

    The Sun symbolizes the spiritual being we are. It is our heart, our self, the divine and creative spark within, whatever this may mean. It's a mystery! 

However the Sun has a big problem, which is that life on earth does not allow easy and spontaneous expression of our authentic self. We were born through the Moon - which is mother, matter (matter, material, mother are words built on the same root). We were born in the matrix!  

 Family, genetics, the influence of our early environments, our physical and emotional needs and conditioning, our past and lineage are symbolized by the Moon... 
 Through the Moon, we were born in the world of Saturn. Saturn means time, limitations, matter, forms, norms, conformity, fears... There is a deep complicity between the Moon and Saturn. A Moon cycle is 29 days, a Saturn cycle is 29 years. The Moon rules Cancer and Saturn rules Capricorn. These two signs are opposed in the zodiac, which means they represent the two poles of the same thing... 

backgrounds skies frames silhouettes 077.JPG

 Mother is both Moon and Saturn, nurturing through the Moon, imposing rules through Saturn... 
 From then, the Sun, the inner divine spark, the spiritual being at the core of the earthy personality, embarks on an heroic journey. 

 The challenge is:  "Become who you really are"

This quest for authenticity makes us walk on the path represented by the Sun sign. It is the sign of our aspirations. 

 The environment protects, nurtures and conditions. The Sun is our inner guidance, what we want to become whatever our past might have been, our "spiritual instructions" so to speak. Through the Moon we are influenced by the past, through the Sun we are called by a vision of self realization. 

 The Sun symbolizes also the ego. The ego is the temporary compromise between the higher self (who we really are in spirit) and the conditioning imposed by family, society and material conditons... 
  It's ourselves in a state of incomplete integration.
  On its way to become "enlightened" the Sun-ego looks up at role models and seek for ideals to identify with. 

The Sun in the chart tells something about our ideals and role models, and about what we develop to follow them: consciousness and will power. 
 Do you know this principle by the psychologist Emile Coué?:

"When imagination and will power conflict, imagination always wins." 

In astrological terms, this translates as: "When the Moon (imagination) and the Sun conflict, the Moon always wins". 

 Our conscious will power struggles to break free... and the Moon always wins, until our little ego based consciousness understands that it can't grow unless it plays by the rules and surrenders. In other terms, we can't neglect our bodies and emotional needs and thrive as spiritual beings here on earth. 

The potter can't make beautiful pots without surrendering to the nature of clay. We are not here to leave the material world behind, but to shape it according to our vision. This can't be done without respect for the feminine side of life... 
 The Sun also symbolizes the father, as the father, for a small child, is the first one who represents "Beyond mother" Anyone who shows the example, introduces to the world beyond the safety cocoon and serves a role model is symbolized by the Sun. 


 Until now I have explained what the Sun is about... I hope I was able to be clear enough. Astrology does not bring easy answers to the great metaphysical questions...  

 For now remember a least a few key words: 
 Heart - Spiritual core - Self - Will power - Consciousness- Ideals - Father - Role models - Ego - 


After the question "What is it?", I'll now set out to give some answers to the other great question: "How is it?" 
 Some personalities are more solar than others.
 Leo is the solar sign, however, other sun signs can also be very solar if the Sun is well aspected, for instance if the Sun is conjunct to an angle of the theme. 

 Like every other planet-energy the Sun can be summarized by a few key verbs.

 The Sun says:

I want - I create - I express myself
If you remember only three key verbs, remember those!

If you're ready for more, the Sun also says:

 I show - I play (we can play like children having fun, or play like a musician playing and instrument or an actor interpreting a role in a play) When we have fun and play, we are who we really are spontaneously... 
I want (as opposed to "I need") 
I love - (True love can only come from the authentic self) 
I educate - I show the example - I lecture - 
I shine - I attract attention - I lead - I reign - I govern - I illuminate - I have fun - I entertain - 

When the Sun appears as a character we will come across:

 - Someone with great vitality and charisma. Anyone with a royal attitude. A king of sorts... 
 - A teacher, a comedian, a musician (the band leader or the soloist) an artist, anyone performing, exhibiting, creating, showing... (possibly showing off) 
- A  father, an educator, a role model. 

- A boss, someone in power, authority figure. 

- A saint, with a solar golden halo behind their head! 


 As as lover, a solar individual will give great importance to courtship. Love is a game and the greatest opportunity to value the egos! 

  If your idea of the perfect lover is someone who offers the greatest quality of empathy, the solar person may not be the best choice, unless they have enough water in their chart. The Sun will warm you up, but ask the Moon for deep understanding of what's going on in the secret corners of your soul. 

 The Sun gives warmth and light from inside out, its nature is not to be the receiving end. It's Fire, Yang, Masculine energy...
 However, there will be nothing petty in the Solar individual's attitude. You can expect loyalty, support and generosity. 
 Please don't forget that no human being is a pure type. Everyone has the Moon somewhere! An absolutely pure solar type would give everything and receive nothing but praise, like a creator God... 


 If the Sun was an animal, of course, it would be a lion. He's powerful, he's beautiful, everyone pays attention: the zebras, the antelopes, the hyenas, the other lions...  whether he sleeps, farts or wanders around, everyone knows what's going on. Paying attention to the strong is wisdom! 


Let's now go for a walk in the street and look at the buildings. Which ones are we going to tag Sun? 
 Let's not waste time in the suburbs and head on towards the centre. Here is the big square with all the fountains, the columns and statues! 
 A theater, a gallery, a luxury hotel with people in costumes standing at the door. 
 The goldsmiths, the jewellers get their "Sun" tag. 
 The mansions. The places where people in power are, which are known by their address like Number 10 Downing Street. (In case you haven't guessed, I live in London, UK) 
  A circus, a carnival, a concert hall are Sun (or Leo)things...
 The movies will get a double tag, Leo because there are stars and it's an art, and Pisces because we go there to escape reality and get carried away... 


 If the Sun was a music instrument, it would be a  trumpet. If he was a music, he would be something grandiose, like this:




 Now, if the Sun was meeting Uranus, the energy that gets everything and everyone out of the beaten tracks, instead of a trumpet, the Sun would become a saxophone, play something brilliant but in a more surprising way... 



By contrast, if the Moon was music she would be much more romantic, sensitive, delicate, something sounding like a tearful cuddle by moonlight... 


 And if the Moon met Uranus and turned jazz, she would still evoke the nocturne life of human emotions... 

There are at least two ways to understand life and the symbols of astrology. At the beginning of this post, I was adressing the intellectual side, giving explanations and keywords. This is what Mercury in us wants. However, the intellectual way will never be able to get it all. At some point, we need artists and poets to show and make us feel rather than intellectually understand what life is made of... and this is precisely what the Sun does.

After Leo, ruled by the Sun, comes Virgo, ruled by Mercury, but I have already talked about Mercury.

 After Virgo comes Libra, ruled by Venus, but I have already written about Venus. 
 Next time, after the world of the bright light of the Sun, I will introduce you to the universe of darkness with Pluto...

 Thank you for your attention! 

8. The Moon

The Moon is one of the "Big Three"... 

The Big Three are the Sun, the Moon and the Rising Sign. 
If our personality was a kingdom, the big three would be the three most important people. the Sun would be the King, the Moon the Queen and the Rising Sign would be the Knight- who-interacts-with-the-outside-world-on-their-behalf. 

 Have you heard of the concept of "sub personalities"? Usually, we think of ourselves as one person, which we call "me" ... but what if we were actually more like several people sharing one body?

Have you already had the experience of having a friend who you usually meet for certain activities, and one day, they invite you to their home; there, your friend looks like they have become another person! You are finding out another "facet" of their personality...     
 The energies represented by the planets don't blend seamlessly; we can consider them as sub personalities in their own right. 

  The Sun is the King. It's a male energy; the Moon is the Queen it's a female energy; let's drop immediately our feminist views, or rather let's keep them for the world of people, but not for the world of symbols. 

 The Sun and the Moon are present in everyone's chart, so whatever our gender, we all have our fair share of masculine and feminine energies. Say Yang and Yin if you prefer.

Masculine  or Yang energies are expressed from inside out, they are creative, active, dynamic, self centered. Feminine energies are receptive, reactive or passive, attractive, relationship centered. 

 When we read a chart, we should always start with looking for whether Yang or Yin is dominant. Traditional gender roles have been confusing energies and people. Men used to believe they could express only the Sun and Mars, women were supposed to express only the Moon and Venus, as if all these energies weren't present in everyone's make up... 

 The Moon is our Yin side. Our inside. The Moon is us when we are receptive, when we submit or surrender, when we let go, when we relax, when we relate to others and the environment. (To relate we need to shut up and open to whoever or whatever is not us. That's Yin) 

 The Moon is how we are when we are at home, when we find ourselves in a safe environment, in private, able to express our emotions and be receptive to other people's emotions.

 The Sun by contrast, is how we are when we leave home and shine our own light in the world. The Moon is our most intimate personality, the vulnerable part of us. The Sun is not vulnerable. How could it be? It's all from inside out. No arrow can hit the Sun's heart! 

 The Moon in a birth chart also tells about our own childhood, how we were as a child, how was our mother, or more specifically how was our relationship with our mother when it came to caring and nurturing us. 

  I don't believe that planets represent people. You will often read that the Moon is the mother. To me, the Moon is the function of nurturing. When our mother was forcing us to do things, when she was forbidding or punishing, she was Saturn. When she was the great love of our life, she was Venus; When she was a role model, she was the Sun, when she taught us things she was Jupiter and she she was a rival for our father's attention, she was Mars! ...and When our father was preparing food or telling a story before we slept, he was the Moon. 

  Now that we have grown up (if we have) the Moon represents our "inner child" that is the most vulnerable and sensitive part of us. The Moon in our chart shows how we need to be cared for in what we need to feel safe. 

 The Sun also represents our "inner child" but it's the creative and playful inner child which is symbolized by the Sun, not the emotional one. 


 The Moon in a few key verbs:

 If you remember only four, remember: 
 I belong I feel I need I nurture

If you can remember more:

I dream I imagine I remember I am fecund I am pregnant I give birth

I change I go round in cycles

I care I long I howl I attract I react

I feed I eat I share I intuit I absorb... 

I mother I cuddle I smother I embrace... 


I like to repeat that everything in life is the expression of the fundamental energies of the zodiac. A great way to learn is to look around and put "energy tags" on things and people... Let's go for a walk in the street. What are we going to label "Moon"? 

 If you feel like being serious about learning, don't read the following straight away. Go for an imaginary walk in a street and search for buildings, things and people to tag "Moon" .... 

---------------------------    -----------------------                         --------------------              ----

 OK!  here are my answers: 

 First of all, all the private houses get the "Moon" label. That's where families live! 

The grocery shop, the supermarket... where the food is, Moon goes.  (A restaurant would rather have the Venus tag, because we don't need to eat there, it's rather a pleasure, even a luxury. However, it's food, so a little Moon can still be tagged there anyway...) 
The shop called "Everything for the home"... Moon tag! 
The nursery, the playground, where the children are cared for get the Moon label indeed! 

A wedding shop! The Moon wants to belong, the Moon wants to get married. Big Moon tag for the wedding shop! ... along with a Venus tag, as hopefully wedding is a story of love and partnership between two people (Venus) and not just a story of having children for your parents to become grandparents whilst you are dealing with your in laws! 
A Honeymoon gets a Venus tag. 

 In the hospital, the nurses get the Moon label. Their job is to care... The hospital itself is tagged Neptune. The doctors get Jupiter and Mercury. (Mercury is the specialist in health. Jupiter is the expert and the VIP) 

 I told you Mercury was associated with the age of 10 or 12, before puberty. Actually Mercury times start as soon as we learn to coordinate our movements, learn to walk and talk etc..  The Moon is associated with our early childhood, when we were just born and lived our most intimate and vulnerable moments. At that time we were mostly soaking in impressions... Our personal unconscious is made of the events and emotional memories we get from these times. 

Me and my Maman!

 The lunar temperament is sensitive, imaginative and impressionable. 
 People with strong Moon energy can even be psychic. 
At school, a child with a lot of lunar energy will be easily distracted and even disturbed if the atmosphere is not peaceful enough. They may well be a cry-baby. They will have a lot of imagination and enjoy stories. His or her favorite subject will be history. 

  They will hear "You are too sensitive!" a lot during their lives, unless human beings eventually learn to respect sensitivity.

 When not overwhelmed by family duties, a Moon person will enjoy staying home, cooking and eating good meals, not doing much sitting on the sofa, striking the cat, listening to music, reading or watching TV... 

 If the Moon was an animal... It could be a she wolf, howling at the Moon. The Moon can be wild you know! We may find it hard to believe when contemplating a amorphous being sprawled on the sofa eating tons of chips, but yes there is an deep instinctive wild beast hiding in there... 
 The Moon could be represented by a hen as well. One day I saw a hen followed by ten little chicken, on a farm. A young dog approached. The hen charged the dog and chased it away. I was really impressed by the courage of the hen. 

 Other than that, if the Moon was an animal, it would be a unicorn, a winged horse, a feathered dragon, a kind crocodile in need of affection, a teddy bear, or something like that... a fantasy. A chimera...

 The element associated with the Moon, and with Cancer, the sign it rules, is water. It's all emotions and feelings. Don't try to convince them with logic, kindness works better.  

 Do you get the spirit of the energy? 
 If you remember only a few things... remember: 

Feeling - Mother - Child - Family - Belonging - Imagination - Memory - Emotions - Home - Instinct - Unconscious - Emotional and physical needs - Intimacy - Sensitivity - 
More later. Take care! 




7 Four elements Three qualities Twelve signs.


Hello there! There are four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water and three qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

Four times three are twelve, there are twelve signs in the zodiac. Each sign belongs to an element and expresses a quality...


Let's start with the qualities.


Everything in life grows, reaches maturity and stability, before declining, disintegrating... and turning into something else.

Do you remember the riddle of the Sphinx in Greek mythology?

"What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?"

The answer is: Man. A human being starts a child, then becomes an adult and eventually an old one. 

The day starts with the morning, reaches an apogee at noon, and declines when it's the evening...

In Hinduism, Brahma creates the world, Vishnu maintains it and Shiva destroys it.

In the zodiac, signs will be Cardinal if their energy is an energy of beginning, Fixed is their energy is an energy of stability and maintenance, and Mutable if the energy is an energy of mutation. 


Before combining these qualities with the elements, let's understand the elements! 


Let's start with a few key words:


Fire is about Spirit, Passion, Intensity, Action. Energy... 

Water is associated with feelings and emotions, dreams, imagination...

Air has a lot to do with thinking and communication. The mind, the intellect, logic, reason...

Earth is the down to Earth element (no surprise here!) Common sense, Pragmatism, life of the body, sensations... 

A usual, symbols mean much more than what can be said with two or three key words. We need to follow them like threads running throughout our lives....

How to know more? Let me give you a few examples. You just met someone really hot. If you say "hot" it's fire. Burning desire is fire as well. You will never talk about "flowing desire" or "compact desire" You need Fire to talk about it.

Then you take action, and in the "heat of the moment"... you make a mistake. It's still Fire. Fire signs are impulsive... A lot of knowledge can be found in language. 

 Cool is not Fire. Someone cool is like a breeze of fresh air...

 If you "float" like in a dream, you're living something of the Water element...

 It's all poetry actually!  

Let's now review the signs in the light of their element and quality. 

Aries is Cardinal Fire, a key word is "Initiative"  It's the energy with which it all starts. Imagine a spark, an ignition, a eruption... Strike a match and light a fire: Here is Aries energy. It's strong, powerful, assertive, dynamic etc... 

Cancer is Cardinal Water, a key word is "Fecundation". Another is "Childhood".  With the energy of this sign, you're likely to start a family. It's all emotional and sensitive like a baby here. Or caring like a mother. Or whimsical like a pregnant woman asking for strawberries in winter... It's the beginning of life. 

Libra is Cardinal Air, a key word could be "Introduction" as in: "Let me introduce you to my friend Charlie, she is single and blah blah blah...) Libra is a sign of social intelligence. All relationships start with Libra energy!

If you have a lot of Libra energy you hesitate a lot before you commit. It's not only because you're scared of making the wrong choice. It's because you love the beginnings. You love charming, dating, being attractive and all that. You don't want the beginning to end. 

Capricorn is Cardinal Earth,  key expressions could be: "Starting at the bottom"..or "Starting from scratch". Ambition is what makes you start... and keep going. 

Leo is Fixed Fire. A key word is Will power: that's what is needed to maintain the action initiated by Aries. Other key words: Creation, Achievement, Honors. Self expression. Performance. Art. Forget about the match box, look at the Sun at Noon, or at the big bonfire. Brilliant, no? 

Scorpio is Fixed Water. This is a little bit ambiguous, as Scorpio is the sign associated with death and transformation. However, Scorpio is also the energy that welds two individuals together. This verse of the Gospel expresses the deepest aspiration of Scorpio and its ultimate take about sexuality:

"So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Matthew 19 -6

...Don't worry I am not preaching! You believe whatever you believe! All I wish is to give you a feel of how Fixed the sign of Scorpio is, as a Water element. Scorpio wants to die in another's arms and fuse. Scorpio wants to live the story of the spermatozoa and the ovule. Scorpio energy makes you want to die to yourself and become one with another. 

 Aquarius is Fixed Air, and oh my God, they have Fixed Ideas and Visions these Aquarians! You can't remain an eccentric for very long without being fixed enough in your own ways..

 Taurus is Fixed Earth. Taurus is the Farmer of the zodiac. Strong and stable. Physically involved with reality. Sensual but not metaphysical... 

 With the Mutable signs, movement resumes, but unlike Cardinal signs, there are no clear goals. That's why Mutable signs are very more adaptable to circumstances.

 Sagittarius is Sacred Fire. Here is the sign of the quest for meaning. Here, the journey is the destination...  After striking a match in Aries and dancing around the bonfire in Leo, put a kettle on the embers and meditate or patronize your fellow human beings with deep wisdom. Or walk on the embers if you can... 

 Pisces is Mutable Water. It's the sign of dissolution of anything than can be dissolved, be it your liver in alcohol or your soul in the Great Mystery.... or simply the boundaries of your own identity.  Pisces merges... Pisces feels what others feel without knowing who is feeling what...

 Gemini is Mutable Air. Gemini people are so adaptable they may forget they have a personal identity. With Gemini energy, you are captivated by the multiplicity of all that exists, things and people. Gemini marvels at diversity. 

 Virgo is Mutable Earth. Here we split hairs and put things away in well labelled little boxes...We make lists. Virgo is the sign of service, not of personal ambition.. Virgo is skilled and useful. The body is useful. Virgo knows about maintaining it in good health... 

These few lines are of course far from saying everything that can be said about the signs.

What I suggest in these "Astrology for Beginners" posts is to go beyond what can be learned reading books or watching videos.

Let's daydream and follow poetically the symbols. Let's them teach us...

 Jean-Marc Pierson

And now... how about a little click here:   Astro Stories


6 A few things about Mercury

Mercury, like Venus, rules two signs: Gemini and Virgo.

In this post, I'll introduce you to Mercury. I'll talk about the associated signs and houses in other posts.

I like to think of the planet-energies as our "psychic organs".

Everyone has Mercury in their chart, everyone has one and only one of each planet-energy in their birth chart.

If we were studying anatomy, we would start learning about things that are true for every human being. For instance whatever we may learn about the lungs and the human respiratory system would be valid for anybody. At this level of knowledge we are all the same.


 Now, we are also all different. Some people may have a huge respiratory capacity and others suffer from asthma. Similarly, everyone has Mercury in their chart, but mine is in Libra, connected to Venus, Jupiter and Saturn...

 This is why it is important to understand the planets before the signs. They are our psychic organs. Once we understand them, we will know more about what makes us unique looking at what sign and house our planets are in, what aspects they receive etc...

The planets can be summarized by a few key verbs.

Mercury says:

I think- I communicate -


If you remember only two key verbs, remember those!

If you're ready for more, Mercury also says:

I speak - I analyse - I imitate - I move - I serve - I pass on the message - I learn - I study - I reason - I read - I write - I trade - I exchange - I walk - I run - I speed up - I drive the car! - I do the DIY - I talk- I lie - I trick - I joke- I sing - I play music - I observe- I classify - I pay attention to details - I multiply - I divide - I count - I adapt - I adjust - I know - I repair - I link - I connect - I go get the info - I explore - I am curious of everything - I heal - I collect - I make lists....

Mercury is our mind! It's also our ability to move.


Sometimes Mercury is the monkey mind. Sometimes he is the awakened mind, able to heal, even if it's nothing but placebo effect... When we talk about mind-body connection, we're talking about the magic of Mercury.

Planets can also represent people who appear in our lives. Mercury can represent a sibling, a young person, a peer, a neighbor.

It is  associated with the age of 10 or 12, before puberty. At that age, children are interested in learning and knowing. They may know for instance all the kinds of dinosaurs that once existed, and look at you with pity if you don't know the difference between a Stegosaurus and a Pterodactyl. Later on, when boys become the main focus of girls and vice versa, the dinosaurs will lose their auras of prestige...

Do you get the spirit of Mercury?

At school, a child with a strong Mercury will be... wait a little bit and try to guess before reading the next lines...




He or she will be good at school indeed, unless (s)he is so clever that (s)he gets bored and distracted.

The Mercury child could become the one that disturbs the class, cracks jokes or plays tricks, whilst being able to give the good answers to the questions of the teacher, which, in his/her mind, entirely justifies the cheeky behavior! He or she can also make a fortune selling sweets to his/her comrades.

When in love the Mercury teenager (or adult... ) will not be the most passionate and faithful, as curiosity for all what exists is his or her main mood.

For the Mercurial individual, feelings are a very interesting subject to observe, their expression are great to imitate in order to make everyone laugh.

The energy of Mercury makes you like things and people, but when you fall in love, it's not Mercury anymore, it's Venus or Mars. Now, when it comes to business of the heart, Mercury can help a lot, as this energy knows how to communicate...

What kind of jobs, what kind of hobbies would a Mercury person more enjoy?

I let you guess this one...


If Mercury was an animal, which would it be?

A squirrel maybe. Not a rhinoceros. A rhinoceros would rather make me think of a combination of Mars and Saturn. (Saturn gives the heavy, armored twist to the Martian aggressiveness of the beast). Little birds, swallows, robins... and carrier pigeons indeed are Mercury with animal form. Bees as well...


When I was young I read the adventures of Tintin. Do you know him? He is quite Mercurial. He is a reporter, always on the move. You don't see him very interested in women, he loves his best friend, the Captain Haddock and his dog. He is very clever. He is curious of everything. He always find a way to get himself out of the most complicated situations... Mercury is your inner Tintin!


Let's now go for a walk in the street and look at the buildings. Which ones are we going to tag Mercury?

The post office is a typical one of course. All the shops will be tagged Mercury as Mercury is a trader.

Yesterday I noticed two shops sitting next to each other: one was a music shop and the other one a wine shop. I was thinking: it's a Neptune spot! Neptune, the planet of Pisces, is relevant to both music (music expresses feelings without words and connects us with other dimensions, or just offer a way to escape reality) and to wine (drink like a fish, it's liquid and also a way to escape reality!) Now both shops deserve the Mercury tag... simply for being are shops.

Mercury is also a musician by the way: you need to be skilled and nimble-fingered to play an instrument..


Another shop that expresses Mercury is the stationary shop. Here is all you need to write and do the accountancy. The vet, the pet shop, that's Mercury again. The chemist, the dentist... the bus Garage, and also the bus stops, the metro station, even the Bus and the trains themselves, the pavements and the roads as everything that allows movement and communication is expression of the energy of Mercury. Great journeys are usually associated with Jupiter, the sign Sagittarius and the ninth house, but short trips in the surrounding are ruled by Mercury.

The schools where young people learn lessons and are together with their peers are Mercurial places.

The physiotherapist, the dietetic shop express yet another facet of this multifaceted energy.

In the body, Mercury rules the nervous system. It's all about communication, whether of orders from the brain to the muscles, or information from the organ of the senses to the central nervous system where everything is stored and interconnected...)


It also rules the lungs (breathe in, breathe out, exchange with the environment) and the intestines (break down the aliments into smaller constituants and sort out what to keep and what is shit)

What emotions and feelings would you give a "Mercury tag"?


What symbols would you associate with Mercury? In particular, what element among the four: Fire, Earth, Air and Water?


We could look at life as a double movement. A movement from Source towards the multiplicity of things and beings, and a movement from multiplicity back to source. Mercury expresses the movement towards multiplicity. It turns its back to the Temple and looks at the world. In philosophy, he is all with Aristotle, and probably sarcastic about Plato. Mercury values observation and experimentation over speculation and metaphysics.


We know intimately all the energies, as we have been living them since we were born. All we need is to be able to recognize them and differentiate them from the other energies. Recognizing and differentiating are things Mercury does.


I leave you here to meditate... If your Mercury is curious, visit the homepage of this website and learn everything you need to know about Astro Stories

5 Venus, Taurus and the Second House

 Venus, the planet of love, law of attraction, arts and values (including money but not only) has two sides, there is Venus-Taurus and Venus-Libra... In this post I'll talk about the Taurus side of Venus.


When I began to study astrology, I was really surprised to find Taurus described as "hyper female" by André Barbault. (A French well known one) 


After Aries, ruled by Mars, planet named after the very macho God of War, Taurus, ruled by the planet going by the name of the most girly Goddess of them all, Venus, is the archetype of femininity... OK, but...


What is a big bull doing here then?


I found out later that in the history of humanity, the first representation of God was actually a Goddess. She appeared at the same time we invented agriculture. According to prehistorians, the Neolithic revolution, that is the invention of agriculture,  is likely to have been initiated by women.


This Goddess Mother was almost always represented accompanied by a bull. That's why when we see the horns of the bull, in fact, we see the Goddess.


At that time human beings settled down, built houses, harvested, hoarded for winter, became territorials, invented private property, accumulated wealth and enjoyed life!

Noel 2013 069.JPG

After a few millennia of ice age fighting mammoths with spears and sleeping without pyjamas in caves, human beings revered the Great Goddess who made the seeds grow in the fields and in the females' bellies.. 


To understand Aries people, we can imagine that they are still hunter gatherers in spirit. To understand people strongly influenced by Taurus, we can think they have farmers souls.


They are sensual, they enjoy all earthy pleasures. They are hoarders, they want material security, they are builders, they are hard workers,  they want to have. They are deeply connected with nature. They want stability. Sometimes they are lazy... They enjoy the sensations provided by their senses and body. 

Stability, security, sensuality, fecundity... and enjoying the good life. That's Taurus. Fecundity is usually associated with the Moon. The Moon is said to be "exalted" in Taurus. This means that if we see planets as energies and signs as energy fields, Taurus suits the Moon very well. Taurus could be seen, not as a mere extension of Venus, but as a compound of Venus and Moon. In the same way, the Sun is exalted in Aries. 

Taurus are artists. This sign is associated with the throat and natives often have a strong voice. They can be talented as singers, painters, sculptors, jewelers... 

 Important  themes associated with the second house are our relationship with our body, our sense of self worth and the money we earn. Let me remind you that the house associated to a sign expresses the same archetype in a more concrete way. 


Taurus is an earth sign. There are four elements, earth, water, air and fire. Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) are pretty much concerned by the more down to earth side of life.

Taurus is also a fixed sign. There are four fixed signs which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The signs are divided into three qualities: signs can be Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable.

Cardinal signs are energies of starting things, Fixed signs energies of keeping things as they are (you could call them conservatives in a literal sense) and Mutable signs energies of adaptation and transformation...


Fixed signs have qualities that are similar to Earth. Taurus is both Fixed and Earth. This sign has a reputation of being stubborn.


Here are a few key words:

 Slow - Stable - Artist - Vocal - Possessive - Jealous - Simple - Nature loving - Rooted - Conservative - Strong - Endurant - Calm - Patient -Sensual - Glutton - Lazy - Hard working - Money Loving - Down to earth.

In another post I'll talk about the Libra side of Venus - It will be all about relationships, partnerships, social life, justice, search for harmony... 

And now, you can visit the home page of this website and learn everything about Astro Stories and Karmic Readings... or listen to a badly shaved story! 


Thanks for this moment in your company. Please share! 

4. Understanding Venus

To start understanding the planet-energy Venus, we need words, and more specifically verbs. 

Venus attracts, charms, values, glues, enjoys, seduces, loves, likes, feels, relates, sings, paints, touches, tastes, decorates, dresses up, is beautiful (and knows it), has fun, chats, socializes, lazes around, eats... and owns.


Venus, like Mars, desires, wants, makes love and competes (in a feminine way, as you understand). Mars wants to conquer, Venus wants to have. Venus wants to bind, to attach, to keep...


Do you get the spirit of Venus? I suggest you let your mind wander into daydreams now. Follow the threads.... all the knowledge is available now!

How would a Venusian child behave at school? Would he or she be focused and thorough or easily bored and reluctant to put much effort into their work? How would her clothes look like? How about his/her hair?


How would a Venusian girl let a boy know she finds him attractive? Would she be straightforward or play at "catch me if you can"?

What if it's the boy who has a lot of Venus energy, how will he be?

He would probably be a beautiful and attractive guy, however, he might refrain from expressing this girly energy too much. In this case, he will love very Venusian girls. When we don't incarnate our own energies, we chose partners and friends who express them for us...

Venus in the chart of a man is likely to express his tastes in matter of love.

What kind of jobs, what kind of hobbies would a Venus person more enjoy? Boxing or dancing? Climbing a mountain or going to the movies? Going to a silent spiritual retreat or gossiping on the phone? ....

If Venus was an animal, which would it be? Maybe a doe..or a black panther according to the mood! 

You can ask yourselves all kinds of questions.. and if you've got the spirit of this energy, you know the answers.

Do you know Venus' favorite song?


"I want to be loved by you,

Just you and nobody else but you

I want to be loved by you

Alone.... poo poo pi doo!

I want to be kissed by you

Just you, nobody else but you

I want to be loved by you


I couldn't aspire

To anything higher

Than to fill a desire to

Make you my own

I want to be loved by you,

Just you and nobody else but you

I want to be loved by you

Alone..." .


Have you noticed the words "Make you my own"? Venus, and especially Venus-Taurus, wants to own. Venus is possessive. She wants to have. She loves to conquer, however she wants to keep her conquest...forever! She would eat you...


Now, as an energy, Venus is about more than just romantic songs and stories. Venus is the law of attraction in our birth chart. Marilyn Monroe was said to be flirting with everything. Venus is the energy of how we flirt with life.

Venus in our chart tells how we manage to get what we want delivered by others, or by the universe itself!

Venus shows what we value. In some way, when we fall in love, that's because we see qualities we value in a person, or in whatever we fall for, house, scenery, music, movie....

 Venus is like a beautiful girl who loves, let's say, chocolate. She has absolutely no inner conflict about it. She loves chocolate, and chocolate happens.. Now, instead of chocolate, it can be money, good jobs, friends, opportunities to visit far away countries, opportunities to get laid, books, information, ideas, antics, whatever we love we value and attract by the magic of Venus.

The only reason we don't get what we want when we don't is that we are conflicted inside. For a start, we don't love ourselves enough. We don't value ourselves enough. If Venus in our natal chart is in a difficult position, we will struggle with self esteem issues. We may feel fears as fear, when you think of it is nothing but a negative desire. 

Venus is not the only energy. There are other planets with possibly conflicting agendas... However, if was possible to let Venus govern alone, by the power of the law of attraction, we would see all our desires come true effortlessly. Then we would become fat, decadent and extremely bored! 


If there is only one key word to remember about Venus, it is "Value". We don't value things, ourselves and other people intellectually. We like, or love. Valuing is a feeling. 

Venus is a relationship expert. If you remember only two key words for Venus, let them be "Value" and "Relationship". Venus wants to "Get in touch".

S1000001 (3).JPG

If you can remember three words, remember "Glue" as well. Venus is this energy that glue things and people together, using the magic of feelings.


Ah yes, please, remember also "Harmony". That's all what Venus wishes for, in love, in bed and in art galleries. Harmony. In music as well indeed... Because Venus wants to enjoy. 


Remember Enjoy!


 As I said, when Venus plays out, everything becomes as easy as being beautiful and passing the exam without saying much about the topic. All jokes about blondes follow Venus in her wake. Venus makes jealous.


By the way, Marilyn Monroe has not that much Venus energy in her own chart. The real Marilyn was not the character she made the world believe in...  


Let's carry on with observing life and putting mental tags wherever it may be relevant.


Let's go for a walk in the street and look at the buildings. Which ones would we tag "Venus"? Probably not the homeless shelter (which would rather be tagged Neptune, Moon and Pluto). The vintage shop, the fashion academy, the restaurants, the beauty centre, the hair dresser get a "Venus tag".

Venus is good for sales. In my favorite coffee shop, there are only young and pretty women behind the counter. It's all about attracting the customer...

The computer shop would not be tagged Venus but Uranus. Now, imagine adding a bit of Venus energy to a computer... what do you get? ...A computer with a great design, and something like a half bitten forbidden fruit as a logo.

Astrology is a mental yoga. It consists of understanding energies enough to guess what happens when you mix them.

The bank as well will get a Venus tag, as Venus, especially the Taurus side of this energy, loves a well supplied account as much as she loves shopping. Venus in the natal chart tells something about our money.  

On the internet... forget about the porn, that low energy Venus. Staying decent, all the dating sites are tagged Venus.

Look at a body. What parts would you tag Venus? Sensual lips, sensual hips... Any erogenous zone gets the Venus tag. You get the picture in your mind, I won't post any here.

What social institution would be tagged "Venus"? Marriage, and more specifically the honeymoon. After the honeymoon, let's wish Venus will keep sticking around. She doesn't always do.

What emotions and feelings would you give a "Venus" tag"?

What symbols would you associate with Venus? In particular, what element among the four: Fire, Earth, Air and Water? This is a difficult one. Venus is Earth when it rules Taurus, as Earth connects with the physical body and its sensations. Venus is Air when it rules Libra, as relationships happen in the space between people...


Before I leave you for today, I would like to insist: you already know everything there is to know about Venus. This energy, like all energies, has been part of our life since we were born. So let's observe and daydream and all the knowledge will follow..

....and now let me just suggest a little visit to the Astro Story page on this website... 

3 Mars, Aries and the 1st House

I told you that the planet is the energy itself. It can be understood through verbs. When Mars energy speaks through our mouth, we  say:


 I do! I am me! I fight! I go get what I want! I desire!  I compete! I attack! I start! I am first!  I lead! I defend!  I want! I conquer! I stand for.... !   (whatever we may be standing for)  


 If you are in a hurry, just remember these words. If you get the spirit, you know everything you need to know, and the rest can only follow. 


 Imagine how a person with strong Mars energy will behave in all kinds of circumstances. Imagine a character, as if you were writing a movie script.

 How would a Martian child behave at school? Would he or she be calm and focused or unable to keep quiet for too long? 

How would a Martian boy talk to a girl he feels attractive? Would he hesitate for ages or rather be direct or even inappropriate? 

 What if it's the girl who has a lot of Mars energy, how will she be? Girly or competing with boys on the sport court? 

What kind of jobs, what kind of hobbies would a Mars person more enjoy? Embroidery or boxing? 

 If Mars was an animal, which would it be? (A part from a charging ram which is the symbol of Aries)... 


You can ask yourselves all kinds of questions.. and if you've got the spirit of this energy, you know the answers. 

 What characters in novels and movies express Mars? Mister Bean? Not at all. Saint George, the dragon killer and patron of England does. 


 The best way to learn more about Mars energy is to observe life and put mental Mars tags wherever you think it may be relevant. For instance, you can walk in the street and look at the buildings. Which ones would you tag Mars? Probably not the church (which would rather be tagged Jupiter and Neptune). The Fire Station, the Police Station, the Sport centre deserve a "Mars tag"...

Everything in life expresses the fundamental energies. Play at putting tags on everything, objects, behaviors, events..... don't do it all the time though!! 

 Look at a body. What parts would you tag Mars? The fists indeed. The head as well. Why? Think of the expression Rushing headfirst into something...  The muscles and the blood will be tagged Mars. (When someone or something lacks Mars energy, we find it a bit "bloodless") The color is the color of passion, intensity, action, possibly violence... it's red of course. 

 What emotions among these five would you give a "Mars tag"? Sadness, anger, joy, worry, fear...  

 What symbols would you associate with Mars? In particular, what element among the four: Fire, Earth, Air and Water? 



 In mythology, Mars is the God of war. However, this energy of aggression and male desire is not necessarily negative. When it's well mastered, we attack problems or tackle tasks rather than people, and we have sex only with consent. It's possible to live in peace with others even with a strong Mars energy, and if we really need to fight, we can get on a ring or on a tatami and practice martial arts. 

 If you are a woman, Mars is somewhere in your chart, and it will not be stronger or weaker just because you are a woman. Nowadays, women are much freer to express this energy than they were in the past centuries. 


 Whether we are a man or a woman, we can be unable to handle this energy - or any energy. Sometimes we just can't integrate it in our personality. We don't allow ourselves to express it as much as needed, and we push it back into our unconscious. When this is the case, we are going to attract into our lives people who will express this energy for us. If we have a strong Mars but live the life of a bookworm, we may fall in love with someone who spend most of their time at the sport center, or even attract aggressors  and end up as the perpetual victim. This psychological mechanism is called "projection" - Whatever is not conscious is projected. Whatever energy is not integrated into our personality will be met through others.... Maybe that's how St George ended up fighting a dragon, which was nothing but his own shadow...


 We can't know for sure whether the Mars of a person is well integrated into their personality or if it's repressed and projected, but we can have a few clues. I'll talk about that later. 


  Aries is the sign ruled by Mars. Aries is somehow Mars' energy field. Mars as the energy itself can be translated into verbs.

The quality of the energy fields will be expressed with adverbs or adjectives.  Any planet passing through the energy field called "Aries" will be expressed: 


 Strongly - aggressively- courageously - impulsively- passionately - intensely - rashly - sexually - assertively-  

For instance, if Venus, planet of love, happens to be in Aries, you can guess that the native, man or woman, is very likely to

... or we can use adjectives to qualify behaviours, like

hot, dynamic, daring, straightforward, quick, strong, passionate, bossy, domineering, overbearing, rebellious, competitive, provocative, sexy,  independent, egocentric.... 



 To end  this chapter, a word about the first house. The cusp of the first house is the Ascendant, also called Rising sign. (A cusp is the point where a house starts) 


 The Ascendant, and the first house as a whole, describe our surface behavior. As Mars is the energy that moves forward, tackles issues, confront the world, likewise the Ascendant expresses how we confront the world, new people and new situations, our first spontaneous reactions to anything that happens. 

 The First House also gives indications about our body, as our body is somehow the front line of our whole personality. The first thing we see when we meet others is their body, not their heart or their mind. 


 If your Ascendant is very different from your Sun and Moon signs, people will need to get to know you better before meeting the "real you". What you see is exactly what you get. However, it would be wrong to call the Ascendant a "fake you". The Ascendant is also the real you, such as you are at first sight.

  Generally speaking, if you have planets in the first house, these planets are likely to be integrated in your ego (you conscious idea of who you are) rather than projected and met through others. Planets in the first house are likely to be part of the more extroverted part of yourself, and to express themselves... assertively. Everything happening in the first house is important. 


 Just remember the key words for now.  Write down those you remember, then check out.  That's the best way to remember. 

Astro Testi Stuart.png


Before I leave you to your astrological meditation, let me suggest you visit the main page in this website! If you are currently wondering what to offer to a loved one for a birthday or any special moment, I do creative writing on the basis of birth charts: an ASTRO STORY is a letter addressed to the native on your behalf, where I combine stories or fables, metaphors and analysis. It's design to touch...  It's HERE


2. Signs, Planets and Houses.

Before we dive into understanding what all these symbols mean, good news: the meaning of a planet is roughly the same as the meaning of a corresponding sign and the corresponding house. It's going to be clearer with an example.

 If the planet is Mars, the corresponding sign is Aries. We say that Mars "rules" Aries, as if Mars was a sovereign and Aries a territory. So when we are learning Mars, we are learning Aries at the same time. 

 There will be nuances though, as Mars is the planet-energy, and Aries is, so to speak, the energy field of this planet. When someone says "I am Aries" ... what it really means is that, in their birth chart, the Sun is in the energy field called Aries, the energy field of Mars. 

 Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The House that is associated with Mars and Aries is the first house. The meaning of the First House will be very similar to what Mars and Aries are about. The difference is that a house is more connected with what happens in the outer world, whereas a sign is more psychological.  

 We can imagine the planet as energy, the sign as the energy field around the planet, and the house as the condensation of this energy field becoming facts and events in the material world. Now, please, don't take this explanation too literally. Take it as a metaphor, or a simplified diagram. 

 When I am looking at a birth chart, I am looking at things that repeat themselves. For instance, if I find a chart where the Sun is conjunct to Mars ("conjunct" means they are less than 10 degrees apart in the chart) then I will understand that this Mars energy is very important. 

 So I will immediately have a look at the sign Aries and at the first house to see if more is happening in connection with  this energy. If I find planets or sensitive points like the AC or MC in Aries and in the First House, I will understand that this Mars-Aries energy is really huge in the make up of the personality and destiny of the person. From then on, I'll wonder whether this energy is in a harmonious or disharmonious state, but we'll talk about that later.

 For now, just remember that Signs, planets and houses have similar meanings. 

 Mars rules Aries and is the "natural ruler" of the first house. (Just notice the expression "natural ruler" and don't worry! Just remember the association Mars-Aries-First House) 

 Venus rules Taurus and is the "natural ruler" of the second house.

 Venus also rules Libra and is also "natural ruler" of the seventh house. 

 Mercury rules Gemini and is the "natural ruler" of the third house. 
 Mercury also rules Virgo and is also the natural ruler of the sixth house. 

 The Moon rules Cancer and is the natural ruler of the 4th house. 
 The Sun rules Leo and is the natural ruler of the 5th house. 

 I've already told you about the sixth and seventh signs and houses. 

 Pluto rules Scorpio and is the natural ruler of the 8th house. 
 Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is the natural ruler of the 9th house. 

 Saturn rules Capricorn and is the natural ruler of the tenth house. 
 Uranus rules Aquarius and is the natural ruler of the eleventh house.

 Neptune rules Pisces and is the natural ruler of the twelfth house. 

 Don't try to remember it all by heart, it's going to sink in quicker than you think! 

 In traditional Astrology books, you'll find separate explanations for the planets, the signs and the houses. Take advantage: these descriptions are but different facets of the same archetype. 
 Have a rest now! Speak more later... 



1 If you have never looked at a birth chart before

Hello there! I'm really happy to explain, I love explaining things! If you are a beginner in the study of astrology, I am writing for you. 
I expect you to know the symbols of the signs and planets, if you don't, you can find them here https://www.astro.com/astrology/in_kdhoros_e.htm

On this same website, you can get your own birthchart done for free. You need your date and precise time of birth (more or less five or ten minutes, exact if possible) and your place of birth. Go here https://www.astro.com/cgi/



And now, let me explain. 
A birth chart is like a big clock with two dials and ten hands. 

The first dial is made up of the twelve signs. 
Inside the circle formed of the twelve signs, you can see the symbols of the planets. For instance, in my own chart, the Sun (The circle with a very small circle at its center) is placed in Scorpio (The kind of M ending up with an arrow) The small numbers near the planets indicate the exact degree of the sign where they sit. My Sun is at 12 degrees Scorpio. 
The second dial is made up of twelve houses. On the birth chart, you can see lines dividing the wheel into 12 sections, numbered from 1 to 12 (the numbers are near the center of the wheel) On my own chart, the Sun sits in the 5th house.

You can also see blue and red lines joining the planets. These are called aspects. The aspects are also indicated in the biggest of the two tables below the chart. Don't be impressed by the quantity of symbols, you will learn slowly, one or two symbols at a time, as I explain the meanings, and before you know it, you'll speak the jargon like a pro! 
Here is an article where you can find the list of aspects with their symbols. https://www.astro.com/astrowiki/en/Aspect

Let's come back to the chart. The last thing you need to know are the four angles of the chart. They are very important points. The first one is called Ascendant, or Rising Sign. It is the cusp (or beginning) or the first house, on the left hand side. You can see the letters AC written in bold characters. 
Just opposite the AC is the Descendant, marked DC
Towards the top of the chart, spot the letters MC - It's the Midheaven, or Medium Coeli and opposite the MC is the IC (Imum Coeli). These four points are very powerful, any planet found near them will have a dominant influence on your personality.

So take some time to get familiar with your own birth chart, find in which signs are your Ascendant and Midheaven, in which sign and houses are your planets, don't bother about anything that I haven't explained yet, take a rest, congratulate yourself, dance a dance of victory for learning so much already, and I'll tell you about meanings as soon as you're ready, in the next chapter.