Organic Speaking is a public speaking and story telling club for everyone who wants to build up their confidence and improve their public speaking and story telling skills. It is especially relevant to those who share a holistic and spiritual approach to life.  


 Real confidence stems from the knowledge that we are doing the right thing, at the right place and the right moment. 

 Confidence happens when the old walls of fear crumble and we (re)connect with our innate talent at being ourselves.

 A supportive atmosphere and showers of positive feed back help on the journey. We need to receive to become able to give. 

 We have the right to be here and the power to make others feel it. 

 We have the power to offer both to others and ourselves to feel respected, welcomed and loved. 

 Harnessing this power is true confidence. 


 Now, tell us... what's the story?








How about becoming a confident speaker, get your voice heard and tell the stories you want to tell? 


 Every other week or so, I send a newsletter crammed with useful tips and thoughts about human communication, public speaking, confidence building, emotional intelligence... written and shared in a spirit of organic growth. Sign up using the form below and welcome! 

Delivery trumps content is the one top tip:
A wonderful bunch of roses offered with arrogance will never beat a disastrous bunch of sloppy marguerites offered with a blush or a smile by a child or a lover...



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About me:  I have been performing as a public speaker, story-teller and comedian

for more than twenty years, mostly in France. 

 When I arrived in the UK in 2008 I could hardly hold a conversation in English...

When I was at school, I was so terrified when sent to the blackboard that I couldn't perform even the simplest operations!

I have walked the path...

l am raconteur, a gardener and a philosopher

I am also a bit of a maverick.... and I am a trainer

I have a degree in psychology which gives me additional insight into the communication process. 

For more about me: Read this excellent blog post written by Evie Prichard in the Vrumi Blog: Here


 In Organic Speaking Sessions, everyone gets three to five times on stage and gets feed back to practise on the spot. Thus, everyone can see the difference between "Before" and "After" getting feed back. 

 We laugh a lot as well. Serious work doesn't have to be done with sadness... 


Ash Testimony.png
 Speaking about speaking at GAPGAS for Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers ( 

Speaking about speaking at GAPGAS for Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers ( 


You're still around? That's great! Here is a special event I organized a while ago...

The one minute speech challenge: in aid of UNICEF