Confidence building, communication and social skills training here!
In a small group, there is more time for everyone.
The basic format of a session is: everyone in turn stands up, makes a short impromptu speech on an easy topic, gets some feed back, does the short speech again, gets applause.
Everyone gets at least four opportunities to speak per session - Speed progress guaranteed!

Anyone can join, however, if you have a holistic and spiritual approach to life we are on the same wavelength.


 Now, tell us... what's the story?









Delivery trumps content is the one top tip:
A wonderful bunch of roses offered with arrogance will never beat a disastrous bunch of sloppy marguerites offered with a blush or a smile by a child or a lover...



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That’s an old video from when I started for the first time in 2013! … since then I have gone up, struggled, gave up for a while, started again…….


About me:  I have been performing as a public speaker, story-teller and comedian

for more than twenty years, mostly in France. 

 When I arrived in the UK in 2008 I could hardly hold a conversation in English...

When I was at school, I was so terrified when sent to the blackboard that I couldn't perform even the simplest operations!

I have walked the path...

l am raconteur, a gardener and a philosopher

I am also an astrologer. I love the language of symbols.

I have a degree in psychology which gives me additional insight into the communication process. 

For more about me: Read this excellent blog post written by Evie Prichard in the Vrumi Blog: Here




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Speaking about speaking at GAPGAS for Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers (

Speaking about speaking at GAPGAS for Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers (


You're still around? That's great! Here is a special event I organized a while ago...

The one minute speech challenge: in aid of UNICEF